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The chief minister gave his considered opinion after hearing the opinion of concerned ministers and departmental briefings.
On seeing a pride of lions, his considered opinion was: "This is awesome."
Sydney, Dec.9 ( ANI ): Former Australian cricket captain and commentator Ian Chappell has given his considered opinion about the present national squad, showered accolade and praise on some, questioning the credentials of others, and in overall terms, suggesting to the national selectors to pull up their socks and select the best that Australia has offer for the upcoming series against Sri Lanka.
He said that after seeing relevant documents, it was his considered opinion that Davis did not enjoy the diplomatic immunity.
But punk-troubadour Chuck Ragan (pictured) isn't most rock stars, and seemed more than happy to chip in on the discussion of whether or not the wall in the club is real stone ("No, I wouldn't think so," was his considered opinion).
Perhaps something was lost in translation when Thierry Henry gave his considered opinion: "Sometimes in football you have to score goals."