(one's) best shot

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(one's) best shot

The utmost of one's effort, ability, or determination spent attempting to do something. I gave writing my best shot, but I just don't think I can make a career out of it. That was our best shot—let's hope it was enough to fix things.
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one's best shot

Fig. one's best attempt (at something). That was his best shot, but it wasn't good enough. I always try to give something my best shot.
See also: shot
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one’s best shot

n. one’s best attempt (at something). That was his best shot, but it wasn’t good enough.
See also: shot
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DUBAI -- West Indian batsman Darren Bravo vowed to give his best shot on the challenge of facing a newly introduced pink ball in the day-night Test against Pakistan starting in Dubai on Thursday.
He says he gave it his best shot doing everything he could to make the show a success.
Qatari player plans to keep it easy, give his best shot
Mallett, 55, was seen in some quarters as the experienced pair of hands needed to guide English rugby in the long term and said he had given it "his best shot" to land the job, but has backed Lancaster to build on the foundations he laid during the Six Nations.
In 11 One-Day Internationals since that century in Nagpur, Tendulkar has made 301 runs at an average of 27.36, during which his best shot at the elusive hundred was a chancy 85 against Pakistan in the World Cup semi-final.
But now he's begging Jen for another chance and he's promising to give the relationship his best shot.
Kempton plays to his strengths and, while in the eyes of some people he has it to prove on Friday, he'll be ready to give it his best shot - every bit as ready as he was this time last year.
"It's about grappling with addiction and walking that fine line between having fun and having fatalities," says the 26-year-old Wainwright with a laugh, frustrated that radio might shy away from his best shot at a hit song.
Maradona, who has been busted for drugs and firearms offences, came out jabbing and gave it his best shot - but you wonder if he considered unleashing the Foot of the Devil.
"He is determined to give this his best shot but he's realistic and knows there is a lot of hard work ahead for him to even get close to winning it."
VERY VOCAL : Mandy gives it his best shot in Hartlepool yesterday
I proved that today I got hit by his best shots and I came back stronger,.
"I've been hit by a guy who has 29 wins, 27 knockouts and I've taken his best shots.
"Obviously I'm not going to leave my chin hanging out to be hit, but I believe I can take his best shots and fire straight back.
These gains would come solely from his best shots. Had he not found them, the gains shown would have been left on the table.