hire away

hire (someone) away

To persuade someone to quit their current job and work for one instead. Stop hiring all of my best employees away! Pursuant to our contract, we can sue if he hires anyone away from our company.
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hire someone away (from someone or something)

[for one] to get someone to quit working for some other employer and begin working for one. We hired Elaine away from her previous employer, and now she wants to go back. The new bank hired away all the tellers from the old bank.
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Duke and UNC have denied that top administrators had a deal not to hire away staff for similar roles, but allowing doctors and nurses to move for promotions.
I don't think we've ever been hurt by a deal that got away, but in one case, a major client decided to hire away the two people we had working on their account.
There's probably not a polite way to say poaching, but if you speak to apartment executives, more often than not they will cite examples of apartment owners and managers who hire away each other's talent.
Stashing a new hire away for several years before introducing them to clients is not the answer.
Imagine that you have the opportunity to hire away a key executive or group of employees from a major competitor.
Teams from Toronto to Boston began to imitate Oakland's methods and to hire away the management talent that had implemented it.
According to one broker source, both AIG and Berkshire "are Cylawyering up' as AIG anticipates Berkshire Hathaway may move to hire away even more AIG surplus lines executives" in a move to grab market share
The company plans to file a suit again if it perceives more unfair efforts to hire away its employees.
"And I think ESPN may well hire away our sports anchors," he adds.
Such agreements are a violation of antitrust laws since agreeing not to hire away top talent could stifle competition for highly skilled workers and hold down wages.
Turgeon's boss, Texas A&M director of athletics Bill Byrne, made it clear in a Friday interview he would do everything he could to fend off any school attempting to hire away Turgeon.
Friedman was also barred from trying to hire away Clear Channel employees.
One determined suitor, Russian media mogul Vladimir Gusinsky, reportedly went so far as to hire away Gerwe's entire executive team.
(Were I in charge of the Judd estate, I would hire away this expert on the spot and dispatch her to advise every public collection with such works in its care.) The other work that stood out in the Guggenheim's hodgepodge was Robert Irwin's eerie Soft Wall, 1973, a kind of black Reinhardt in space--except that it's all white.
More than 10 years ago a letter to Business Week asked rhetorically, "Who would try to hire away John Akers of IBM or Lawrence Rawl of Exxon or Rand Araskog of ITT?" Myths like this have led to such examples as Citigroup CEO Sandy Weill's compensation over the past 10 years exceeding $1 billion.