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hype someone or something (up)

to promote, advertise, or boost someone or something, often excessively. No matter how much they hyped it up, it was still a very dull movie. Her agent hyped her up as a great actress.


1. n. publicity; sales propaganda; promotion, especially if blatant and aggressive. There was so much hype before the picture was released that the picture itself was a letdown.
2. tv. to publicize or promote someone or something aggressively; to overpraise someone or something. Let’s hype it until everyone in the country has heard about it.
3. and hipe n. a hypodermic syringe and needle. (Drugs.) She forgot to clean the hype.
4. n. an injection of drugs. (Drugs.) Ernie needed a hype real bad.
5. n. a drug addict who injects drugs. (Drugs.) The hypes have a rough time in prison.
6. mod. really good; excellent. Now this is a truly hype pizza!


See hype
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HIPE consisting of 75 vol% internal phase and 25 vol% continuous phase was used for polyHIPE preparation.
No deaths had been reported to CIDR, in contrast to the 33 VE deaths and [less than or equal to] 5 VM deaths recorded in HIPE.
Since HIPE began in 1971, coding has been carried out by clerical staff.
For more information about the National Consortium on Health Science and Technology Education or to learn more about Discover the HIPE week, visit www.
Driv-N revolutionizes the in-vehicle entertainment and navigation experience by consolidating the functionality of many devices into one affordable package," said Richard Stenlund, Sales and Marketing Manager at HiPe PC.
HIPE data by Diagnosis Related Group (DRG), specialty and procedure was made available to HealthStat for 415 data items per hospital.
The EHA-based polyHIPE with 10% DVB shrank on drying; 20% DVB was needed to synthesized a stable HIPE.
DSM has not only recognised the CompanyeIUs first-class research capability and access to targeted patient collections, but also the unparalleled competitive advantage of its technology, Genome HIPe, which provides the ability to rapidly identify genes associated with any complex genetic disorders, such as obesity and type 2 diabetes.
In a resolution dated March 6, the DOJ panel of prosecutors found probable cause to indict Arvin Balag, Ralph Trangia, Oliver John Audrey Onofre, Mhin Wei Chan, Axel Munrio Hipe, Danielle Hans Matthew Rodrigo, Joshua Joriel Macabali, Marcelino Bagtang, Jose Miguel Salamat and Robin Ramos for violation of Republic Act No.
We named, the game after one of our favorite combinations, HIPE = arcHIPElago (despite later discovering that "worshiper" can be spelled with one "p").
The official also cited the eyewitness account of Roderick Hipe, a bystander who supposedly saw Aluad shooting Amba-an by accident.
Rive ripe hipe, wipe "wise" rise, rase, rave, wave-wane "sane" lane bane- base case
The HSE wishes to engage external support to examine the quality of the HIPE system* with a strong emphasis on coding processes in the acute Irish hospital setting.
Overall aim the hse has identified a requirement for e-books to support the upgrade of clinical coding from 6th edition to 8th edition of the international statistical classification of diseases and related health problems, tenth revision, australian modification (icd-10-am), australian classification of health interventions (achi), and the australian coding standards (acs) rationale the icd-10-am/achi/acs provides the clinical classification for hipe clinical coding of inpatient and day-case activity in 56 irish hospitals.
Also summoned were Arvin Balag, Ralph Trangia, Mhin Wei Chan, Axel Munro Hipe, Oliver John Audrey Onofre, Joshua Joriel Macabali, Ranie Rafael Santiago, Danielle Hans Matthew Rodrigo, Aeron Salientes, Marcelino Bagtang, Zimon Padro, Jose Miguel Salamat, Ged Villanueva, Milfren Alvarado, Daniel Ragos, Zachary Abulencia and Dave Felix.