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hinge (up)on (someone or something)

To be dependent or reliant on someone or something. Our vacation plans hinge on how quickly the hurricane gets to the island.
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hinge (up)on someone or something

Fig. to depend on someone or something; to depend on what someone or something does. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than cm.) The success of the project hinges upon you and how well you do your job. How well the corn crop does all hinges on the weather.
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hinge on

Also, hinge upon. Depend or be contingent on, as in This plan hinges on her approval. This expression employs the verb hinge in the sense of "to hang," as a door would hang on a hinge, a usage dating from the early 1700s.
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hinge on

or hinge upon
To depend on something or someone. Used of facts, events, and situations: The success of this play hinges on three weeks of rehearsal. Whether or not we reach our fundraising goal hinges upon our volunteers.
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A final option is to lift the hinge pins around halfway and lubricate them with three-in-one oil.
But the influences of the stress concentration have barely been taken into consideration when calculating the compliance of the flexure hinges [20-23].
Salice's Logica, the tool-less fixing system, is now available on Silentia hinges Series 100 with the shallow 12mm (1/2 in.
The cam follows the plane surface of the internal ring, as a result, the tilting flexure hinges are deformed and the target plate rotates about the axis between the tilting flexure hinge and fixed tilting flexure hinge.
s major supplier of notebook PC hinges, Shin Zu Shing will begin shipping new products to Apple by the end of this month to help sales growth in April.
The bold black lines absorb more energy than the rest of the material, causing the plastic to contract -- creating a hinge that folds the sheets into 3-D shapes.
Fixing hinges on the door frame Check your new hinges fit against the old ones on the frame.
Top Tip: To ensure door hinges are tight, use this method on at least one of the screws on all three hinges on a heavy door.
TM 9-2350-292-10 (Nov 05 w/Ch 1, Jun 07) doesn't specify an interval for lubing the hinges.
Active hinge technology uses horizontal hinges with vertical movement which absorb the vacuum as the liquid cools.
SELECT backs its geared continuous hinges with a Continuous Warranty(TM).
The company now has the new GN 237-NI series of stainless steel hinges with countersunk through holes.
The range includes profiled door hinges, wide-angle hinges, hinges for glass doors, folding doors and aluminium-frame doors as well as customized versions for special mounting options.
Cardea, Roman goddess of hinges, thresholds, and handles, bless