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hinge (up)on (someone or something)

To be dependent or reliant on someone or something. Our vacation plans hinge on how quickly the hurricane gets to the island.
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hinge (up)on someone or something

Fig. to depend on someone or something; to depend on what someone or something does. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than cm.) The success of the project hinges upon you and how well you do your job. How well the corn crop does all hinges on the weather.
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hinge on

Also, hinge upon. Depend or be contingent on, as in This plan hinges on her approval. This expression employs the verb hinge in the sense of "to hang," as a door would hang on a hinge, a usage dating from the early 1700s.
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hinge on

or hinge upon
To depend on something or someone. Used of facts, events, and situations: The success of this play hinges on three weeks of rehearsal. Whether or not we reach our fundraising goal hinges upon our volunteers.
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The comeback had put the Welsh on the brink of victory, with the outcome of the contest hingeing on the match between Adam Campbell of Wales and England's David Dixon.
Bill Bailey was the pick of the bunch with his highly convincing argument hingeing on the fact that while history was full of great male poets, the best women have come up with is this from Pam Ayres - "I wish I'd looked after me teeth.
It was all there, hingeing on a knowingly contrived plot - a coffee-related misunderstanding making Roy (Chris O'Dowd) and Jen (Katherine Parkinson) public enemies number one.
He said: "We've got a deal in place hingeing on planning permission.
All Blacks flanker Marty Holah, who plays for the Waikato Chiefs, has spoken about the difficulty of so much of his pay hingeing on All Black selection.
With much also hingeing on the outcome of the copy-takers' nightmare between Serbia and Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina, this group is still wide open.
With their title rivals Percy Main, Ryton, Team Northumbria and Shankhouse all on cup duty, their game at Ponteland, hingeing on a morning inspection, offered Celtic a chance to improve their position in the title race.
Forget the Order of Merit for a second because there are a lot of Ryder Cup points and a lot of world ranking points hingeing on this tournament.