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hinge (up)on (someone or something)

To be dependent or reliant on someone or something. Our vacation plans hinge on how quickly the hurricane gets to the island.
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hinge (up)on someone or something

Fig. to depend on someone or something; to depend on what someone or something does. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than cm.) The success of the project hinges upon you and how well you do your job. How well the corn crop does all hinges on the weather.
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hinge on

Also, hinge upon. Depend or be contingent on, as in This plan hinges on her approval. This expression employs the verb hinge in the sense of "to hang," as a door would hang on a hinge, a usage dating from the early 1700s.
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hinge on

or hinge upon
To depend on something or someone. Used of facts, events, and situations: The success of this play hinges on three weeks of rehearsal. Whether or not we reach our fundraising goal hinges upon our volunteers.
See also: hinge, on
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Traditional hinge mounted stops only prop the door open to one angle.
Board And Hinge Assemblies Are Attached Together With Permanently Inserted Hinge Rods.
The Logitech Hinge and Logitech Turnaround are expected to be available in Europe beginning in April 2014 and in the US beginning in May 2014.
FGV hinges (Richelieu carries some models) offers a patented Genios technology with the soft-close dampener hidden not in the hinge arm or hinge box, but in the empty space underneath the mounting plate.
RODENSTOCK HAS launched a new spectacle collection, Everyday, which incorporates casual styles and modern eye shapes featuring high-tech hinges for 'optimum wearing comfort.
11 in per-share net earnings in the fourth quarter of 2011, down 90% from the preceding quarter to hit the lowest quarterly level since becoming public in December 2005, attributing the sharp decline to its one-time disposal of outdated hinges in inventory.
First, the surface temperature of the hinge must exceed the glass transition temperature of the material, which is the point at which the material begins to soften.
Screw each hinge to the door frame with a single screw and open the hinges.
To fix a loose hinge, drill out the old screw hole, insert a red wall plug, then put the screw back in
Top Tip: To make sure hinges are nice and tight, it's wise to put in at least one screw on all three hinges on a heavy door.
An active hinge developed by Amcor PET Packaging to help absorb the volume reduction in hot fill bottles has moved up a size.
A violent scourging amid bloodthirsty/yelling for the death of three lives;/one of them a gentle man blessed,/a time hinge of grace to the world.
William Hinge placed lay bets on Spoof Master, of which he was joint owner, to lose two races in which the horse finished second last year, but lost money because he staked more substantial sums in bets on the horse to win.