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hinder someone from something

to prevent someone from doing something. Please don't hinder me from my appointed tasks. You can't hinder me from doing what I want!
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The government of Turkey has said that it will not hinder the independence of the nation's central bank.
Hinder said that Budget was delighted to join hands with Batelco to offer the WiFi services for its customers and thanked Batelco for supporting them in their efforts to improve value added benefits for its clients.
In its statement, the interior ministry said that the Bahrain government was "dedicated to protecting citizens' right to peaceful freedom of expression but that public gatherings cannot hinder the freedom and rights of others who need to go about their daily business.
The coordination office, an affiliate of the UN, said the Israeli authorities do not allow arrival of building materials for the use of the Palestinians and at the same they hinder the relief assistance bound for the Palestinians.
I am wary of any American involvement in the region," Paul Hinder, Catholic archbishop of the area, told Sojourners.
Abstract: The topic of sexual self-esteem has been widely addressed in the literature on female sexuality but few studies have addressed the factors that facilitate or hinder women's sense of sexual-self-esteem.
Gemma Peck was watching television and eating her breakfast when her boyfriend Colin Hinder noticed Kite perched on a curtain rail in their living room.
The change in heights of the three legs, according to Jason Hinder, the editor in chief of TechRepublic, is partly due to the iPhone cannibalizing some of the iPod's sales and partly due to the successful iPhone 3GS launch last quarter.
During the April 26 meeting, the participants discussed general tax issues that hinder the competitiveness of the jurisdiction and how TEI may work with the Singapore authorities, including the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore and the Ministry of Finance, to make the tax laws more administrable.
Plans to merge police forces will hinder the fight against crime according to a think-tank.
This unfair condition continues to hinder an interested party's ability to make more sound choices and better researched recommendations.
It never kept "Prof" Blood from winning, could it possibly hinder coaches today?
The CRT says this decision lives up to the fifth of its Principles for Business, which calls for trade liberalization 'and to relax those domestic measures that unreasonably hinder global commerce'.
Public policies that hinder immigrants' ability to become self-reliant, responsible community members hinder the success of all Americans.
However, the CBO cautions that imposing standard policy designs could also hinder the growth of the private LTC insurance industry.