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He said that the hikers should present themselves as Messengers of Peace and promote brotherhood and national integrity in alliance with the scouts of other countries.
Local officials believe 45 to 49 hikers sheltered overnight in cabins on the mountain, although details remained unclear.
On 22 February, South Sinai Governor Khalid Fouda sacked the head of Saint Catherine city, citing negligence toward the lost hikers.
Living vicariously through hikers seems to be motivation for many angels.
But if the hiker had different politics, subjects weren't affected by their strong feelings; cold outdoor participants didn't think the dissimilar hiker was any colder than did warm indoor participants.
If Iran's leaders truly wanted to demonstrate Muslim compassion and respect for justice, the hikers should have been released days after they accidentally crossed an unmarked border from Iraq after an Iranian soldier gestured for them to approach.
However, the broad range in density of drifting invertebrates at the middle of Riverside Walk, where no hiker was present, suggests considerable background drifting occurred in absence of hikers.
As Griffith Park recovers from the fire that scorched 800 acres last spring, park rangers and environmentalists are accusing hikers of damaging pristine chaparral by straying from official trails.
Pick up a copy, put it in your backpack and set off on an exciting journey in France as a well-informed hiker.
They are also very useful and practical, warning the hiker of difficult areas, or places where it is easy to lose the trail fork or take the wrong fork.
When the rescued hiker reached the airport, an emergency medical team whisked him off to the hospital--but not before he could thank the young man who had made his rescue possible.
Hikers experience rarely seen wilderness and pass a hundred tiny towns.
UH-3H Sea King crew picked up a stranded hiker near Newhalem, Wash.
A HIKER was recovering in hospital last night after being attacked by a grizzly bear in western Canada.
These factors, together with the use of a Braille compass, can assist the hiker in keeping track of his or her location during the hike.