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Highway Robbery was beaten 30 lengths by Premier Estate after being in front
Committee chairman John McFall questioned why customers were not allowed to take store card applications away with them, adding: 'The reason, I suggest, is because the customer would make the decision, if they spent half an hour reading it, that 29 per cent is a version of highway robbery and the reason you keep customers in stores is because you can make the purchase.
We have got to stop this highway robbery or we taxpayers are going to be in trouble.
Substitute Paul Connor latched onto player-manager Paul Simpson's centre and turned it into the net for a case of real highway robbery.
Emlyn and Anwen Roberts, who live in Pentre Berw, Anglesey, branded the new A55 a highway robbery after being forced to spend holiday money to double glaze their home.
IT'S probably the worst case of highway robbery since Dick Turpin was on the prowl.
It' s highway robbery, Dick Turpin come back to life.
During the exercise, 200 anti-toll protesters, some wearing Dick Turpin highway robbery masks, rolled 100 "extortion ale" barrels across the bridge in protest at the pounds 50.
We contend Blue Cross had no intention of consummating the sale, that this was an elaborate, well-planned version of corporate highway robbery.
Considering the current high prices we pay at the pumps - which are due to rise again in August - it is nothing less than highway robbery.
To saddle the children of deceased parents with an inheritance tax is nothing short of legalised highway robbery and should be abolished.
THIS article is dedicated to the supporters who've pointed their Sky Blue charabancs due north three times in the last eight days, only to be subjected to highway robbery by impostors masquerading as Coventry City.
Last July the committee accused firms offering store cards of highway robbery because of high interest rates charged.
IN the last programme of the current run of Counties of Wales, Sara Edwards discovers tales of highway robbery and political inspiration in the old county of Montgomeryshire.
MPs are demanding a crackdown on cowboy wheelclampers after the Sunday Mirror exposed the scandal of their pounds 150million-a-year highway robbery.
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