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hightail it out of (somewhere)

Rur. to run or ride a horse away from somewhere fast; to leave in a hurry. (Typically heard in western movies.) Here comes the sheriff. We'd better hightail it out of here. Look at that guy go. He really hightailed it out of town.
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hightail it

Go as fast as possible, especially in leaving; rush off. For example, With the police now searching for them, they hightailed it out of town, or When Jane remembered it was his birthday, she hightailed it to the bakery for a cake. This expression alludes to the raised tail of a rabbit or other animal that is fleeing. [Colloquial; late 1800s]
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ˈhightail it

(informal, especially American English) leave somewhere very quickly: As soon as the bell went for the end of lessons, Jack ran out of the school gates and hightailed it for home.
This is a comparison with the way some animals raise their tails when they are running away.
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hightail it

To hurry or flee.
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