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Then you take that cage and you put it in the middle of a city, you open it, and you hightail it out of there.
If the canaries fell dead, the miners would hightail it out of there," Scannell said.
Blackburn Rovers goalkeeper Paul Robinson had gone up for a corner in a last-ditch attempt to grab a goal but then had to hightail it back to the other end of the ground when the opposition got hold of the ball.
Though Bennett would probably hightail it in the other direction, General Motors has devised a program to trim its customers' first-year gas tabs.
IT ALL STARTED INNOCENTLY ENOUGH-A LITTLE jaunt down to San Diego for a bit of the old surf and skate, then hightail it across the desert to AZ for a bit of family holiday action with a little more skate and create thrown in.
At the Atlanta rug market, Bob Batt of Nebraska Furniture Mart told us to hightail it to the new store, the best cross-category merchandising he'd ever seen.
Women, on the other hand, would unashamedly hightail it to the nearest gas station.
But the prank goes wrong and they hightail it with the stash.
after a 78 and probably can't wait to hightail it back to the States.
If you can't hightail it to Los Feliz, check out the Web site, www.
Grant would ring up Gable to see if they'd received any monogrammed prezzies they didn't need - and he'd then hightail it round to swap
This is top value as one group member, Scott Hoch, usually wants to hightail it back to the States after his first brush with an Open bunker.
It seemed as though the Kings might have effectively gift-wrapped the series and handed it to Colorado when Emerson jumped over the boards before Luc Robitaille could hightail it to the bench.