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hightail it out of (somewhere)

Rur. to run or ride a horse away from somewhere fast; to leave in a hurry. (Typically heard in western movies.) Here comes the sheriff. We'd better hightail it out of here. Look at that guy go. He really hightailed it out of town.
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hightail it

Go as fast as possible, especially in leaving; rush off. For example, With the police now searching for them, they hightailed it out of town, or When Jane remembered it was his birthday, she hightailed it to the bakery for a cake. This expression alludes to the raised tail of a rabbit or other animal that is fleeing. [Colloquial; late 1800s]
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ˈhightail it

(informal, especially American English) leave somewhere very quickly: As soon as the bell went for the end of lessons, Jack ran out of the school gates and hightailed it for home.
This is a comparison with the way some animals raise their tails when they are running away.
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hightail it

To hurry or flee.
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Access hi-res stills from "The Boy and the Beast" via the following Hightail link.
India s Cyient (formerly Infotech Enterprises) and Servion Global Solutions and US companies Hightail, TinTri and Equinix have all announced major new multi-million dollar ICT operations in Victoria that will create more high-skilled jobs.
Tom Dascombe's Ceiling Kitty trailed in last in the second running of the Juvenile Sprint as eight-race maiden Hightail, the scorer by a nose from odds-on favourite Merit Man, made 78-year-old D Wayne Lukas the oldest trainer ever to win at the Breeders' Cup, at which he was recording a record 19th success.
Another time a drag queen took a dislike to Husb, who was then Boyf, and we had to hightail it out of a Welsh venue pretty sharpish.
As most businesses found out, the fear that customers would hightail it for bars and taverns in other towns where they could light up proved a myth.
IT'S high time we stopped slagging off celebrity Scots who hightail it south.
Soon they'll have to hightail it from their home before the sun brings the flood.
She makes no distinction between draft dodgers and those who voluntarily enlisted in the army, only to hightail it once they were asked to do their duty.
One doesn't necessarily know where the oftmentioned "gap between art and life" is located but it can't be far from the dead bald eagle preparing to hightail it out of the painterly abyss of Canyon, 1959.
Luckily, Hastie managed to hightail it out of there before the dark exploiters of the world could catch him.
Don't try to follow me or I'll hightail it down the Vertebral Turnpike.
If you want a unique trinket to hang oil your tree, hightail it to handblown-ornament king Christopher Radko, who's celebrating 16 years in the holiday biz.
At the Atlanta rug market, Bob Batt of Nebraska Furniture Mart told us to hightail it to the new store, the best cross-category merchandising he'd ever seen.
New strategic partnership with Lenovo to embed Cloud services on selected devices is formed by File-sharing service Hightail.
Comprised of the thoughts of seven experts including Abhay Rajaram, VP Customer Success, Hightail, Viral Shah, Enterprise Mobility Architect, Kellogg Company and Tim Hundt, Senior Enterprise Architect, GE Capital.