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take the high road

To choose the most noble, ethical, or diplomatic course or method, especially after or in the face of negativity or ill treatment. Strive to always take the high road when dealing with others, even if they've treated you unfairly in the past. Life has a habit of rewarding those who learn to turn the other cheek.
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the high road

1. The easiest or surest path, course, or method. I'm hopeful that this master's degree will put me on the high road to success!
2. The most noble, ethical, or diplomatic course or method. Strive to always choose the high road when dealing with others, even if they've treated you unfairly in the past. Life has a habit of rewarding those who learn to turn the other cheek.
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take the high road

If someone takes the high road, they choose the course of action which is the most moral or acceptable and which is least likely to harm or upset other people. Of course, the antiwar demonstrators think they're taking the moral high road. US diplomats say the president is likely to take the high road in his statements about trade. Note: You can say that someone takes the low road when they choose an immoral or dishonest course of action. Meanwhile, it was revealed that his campaign was gearing up to take the low road with its own attack ads.
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take the ˈhigh road (in something)

(American English) take the most positive course of action: He took the high road in his campaign.
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