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be sought after

To very popular with or in high demand by a lot of people. To the surprise of some, the product has been greatly sought after since it was first released. The toy has been so sought after that retailers have struggled to keep it in stock. Now that the property market has begun to boom, construction workers are much sought after once again.
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become sought after

To become very popular with or in high demand by a lot of people. To the surprise of some, the product has become greatly sought after since it was first released. The toy became so sought after that retailers struggled to keep it in stock. Now that the property market has begun to boom, construction workers are becoming much sought after once again.
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Persistently anxious and easily startled or upset. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. I've never met anyone so highly-strung. She gasps every time the phone rings.

speak highly of (someone or something)

To enthusiastically endorse someone or something; to extol the virtues, benefits, or good qualities of someone or something. Our manager has spoken highly of these new developers. I hope they're up to the job! My dad has been speaking highly of this smartphone, so I think I might buy one for myself.
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think highly of (someone or something)

To have a very good opinion about someone; to hold someone or something in very high regard or esteem. I can tell your last boss thinks very highly of you, judging from the reference letter she wrote for you. Somehow I doubt the mayor will think too highly of an article exposing all of his financial details.
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speak highly of someone or something

1. [for someone] to say good things about someone or something. she always speaks highly of you. Everyone spoke highly of this movie, but it is not good.
2. [for a fact] to reflect well on someone or something. The success of your project speaks highly of you. All of this good news speaks highly of your ability to influence people.
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think a lot of someone or something

 and think a great deal of someone or something; think highly of someone or something; think much of someone or something
to think well of someone or something. The teacher thinks a lot of Mary and her talents. No one really thinks a great deal of the new policies. I think highly of John. The manager doesn't think much of John and says so to everyone.
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think a lot of

Also, think highly or well or the world of . Have a good opinion of, regard very favorably, as in I think a lot of my daughter-in-law, or He didn't think highly of this company, or Dean thought the world of his youngest. These expressions use think in the sense of "regard" or "value," a usage dating from the late 1300s. For antonyms, see not think much of; think little of.
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speak ˈhighly of somebody

praise somebody because you admire or respect their personal qualities or abilities: His teacher speaks very highly of him.Professor Heynman was very highly spoken of by his students. OPPOSITE: not/never have a good word to say for/about somebody/something
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think ˈhighly of somebody/something

have a very high opinion of somebody/something: Her teachers think highly of her.His paintings are highly thought of by the critics.
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