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Although never at ease with his secondary role, Ford provided unwavering support for Tchelitchew's art and tolerance for his high-strung volatility.
In their study, animals with a calmer temperament had cannon bones that were 5 percent wider and 9 percent thicker than high-strung animals with thinner bones.
OK, so those who know me best would say that I am still inclined to the occasional bout of neurosis and yes, hands up, I accept that I am fairly high-strung and a little on the high maintenance side.
The hints that it may be within reach have emerged from an extraordinarily high-strung LEP.
Willojean convinces her grandfather to buy her a high-strung, abused, ex-racehorse named Tess.
It is quintessential Solti, nervous and high-strung and full of high spirits.
The high-strung digital maverick has raised more venture capital than anybody else, has taken his company public and has led the firm to a market cap in excess of US$2 billion.
Anthony Massaro regularly attends a special sort of business seminar, one at which he lugs around tires, puts out fires, and rushes to obey the commands of high-strung race-car drivers who bark orders into his headset.
He describes inmates who have spent long periods in supermax units as being high-strung, irritable, anti-social, potentially violent, sometimes mentally ill, and definitely at risk of recidivating.
and The Hangover's Zach Galifianakis star in this comedy about high-strung father-to-be Peter Highman (Downey Jr.
New to the neighborhood, Jane also becomes friends with high-strung lawyer Celeste (Kidman).
The game was one of high-strung back and forth action; with possession shared equally between the two sides.
Yet Clemens was also known for his high-strung temper; he got into a barroom brawl during his first semester of the University of Texas, and once he even punched out a Houston police officer, briefly landing him in jail.