the high point/spot of something

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high point (of something)

A particularly successful, enjoyable, or proud period or moment (of something). Being named Poet Laureate was definitely the high point of my career. The sudden—and frankly surprising—success of my second book was definitely a high point, but I write for the love of telling stories, not the success it might bring.
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the ˈhigh point/spot of something

the best, most interesting, entertaining, etc. part of something: The high spot of our trip was the visit to Rome.It was the high point of the evening.
See also: high, of, point, something, spot
References in classic literature ?
This notion prevailed some moments, and he had almost determined to be false to her from a high point of honour: but that refinement was not able to stand very long against the voice of nature, which cried in his heart that such friendship was treason to love.
After eleven months wandering in the wilderness, a great part of the time over trackless wastes, where the sight of a savage wigwam was a rarity, we may imagine the delight of the poor weatherbeaten travellers, at beholding the embryo establishment, with its magazines, habitations, and picketed bulwarks, seated on a high point of land, dominating a beautiful little bay, in which was a trim-built shallop riding quietly at anchor.
and gold and silver pieces were showered on them from the galleries, it being a high point of chivalry to exhibit liberality towards those whom the age accounted at once the secretaries and the historians of honour.
The proper type of apparatus was discovered, and was improved to a high point of efficiency.
Recently the alumni magazine of The American University in Washington, DC, interviewed him and asked what was the high point of his career in the Foreign Service.
Even though New York City co-op values have yet to reach their 1989 high point of $84,473 per room, the.
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