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Dan Gudenkauf, General Manager of Residence Inn in Country Club Plaza, Kan., said that the impacts from the High Five Tour have spread throughout his team, and guests get involved as well.
Since the inception of the HIGH FIVE program, about 3,500 people across the province have been trained in how to implement it in their communities.
We are delighted with the response to High Five so far".
I have read elsewhere that sports studies have found that teams whose players make contact with teammates more often (high fives, low fives, fist bumps, etc.) tend to win more often than other teams.
While no one is disputing the significance and wisdom of precautionary actions (the flu can be deadly) the news brought new light on the high five.
While there may be better longer term prospects in the race, Give Me High Five can put her race experience to good use and get off the mark at the third time of asking.
Buy D Junhui/J Higgins on High Five index match bet
19, and the day itself was a success, with "High Five a Muslim" T-shirts selling in the hundreds.
Such bipolar efforts are nothing if not a high five to the practiced viewer's capability to slip gears between figuration and flat-out abstraction, consequently feeling the gentle click of a well-maintained mechanism.
No, we are not talking high five figures, but you have plenty of flexibility to do other things with your time.
Allegro Coffee has launched a new program called The High Five for Farmers to honor the company's worldwide farming partners for growing premium-quality coffee.
Sheldon Bowles, coauthor of the book, High Five!, will set this year's theme in motion at the Tuesday morning Opening General Session with his keynote presentation.
Simple things that most of us take for granted, such as eating hard candy or giving someone a high five, can result in broken bones for Graise.
High Five (HarperCollins) would be hard pressed to win a literary prize, but it meets its objective of exploring the dry theme of corporate structure in an unusually pleasant way.
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