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hide out

1. verb To keep oneself or someone out of sight, often to evade law enforcement. My wife is mad at me again, so I need to hide out here for a few days, bro. You guys really need to find a place to hide out—the cops are getting closer.
2. noun A place where someone or something can stay out of sight. When used as a noun, the phrase is typically written as one word ("hideout"). The cops are getting closer—you guys really need to find a hideout.
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secret hideout

A clandestine location used as a refuge by the select few who know about it. I bet the thieves have holed up in some secret hideout so that the police don't find them. When I was a kid, my friends and I had a secret hideout down by the creek.
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hide out (from someone or something)

to hide oneself so that one cannot be found by someone or something. Max was hiding out from the police in Detroit. Lefty is hiding out too.
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hide out

Go into or stay in hiding, especially from the authorities. For example, The cattle thieves hid out in the canyon, or He decided to hide out from the press. [Late 1800s]
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hide out

To seek refuge in a secret place, especially to evade a pursuer: The gangsters hid out in a remote cabin until it was safe to return to the city.
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After the huge success of the last two years' partnership with the Hideout Festival, with Proj-ect hosting epic parties with MK, Sonny Fodera and Camelphat, it is joining forces with Europe's most in-demand dance music festival again in 2019 and will be giving Newcastle a taste of what to expect.
"From the same team as Rock the Park the new Hideout Bar will completely revolutionise your Wrexham night out.
The hideout is configured as billeting area for approximately 100 persons with huts and improvised beds.
The rebel hideout was operated by the NPA Kilusang Larangan Gerilya Ifugao, and could hold up to 20 fighters, Nabulneg said.
According to the report, dozens of hideouts of outlaws were also smashed in the katcha area.
The Hideout was officially opened by pupils who took part in Nature Club sessions, funded by players of People's Postcode Lottery.
The police found rocket-propelled grenade launchers (RPG), AK-47 machine guns and improvised hand grenades in the hideout, the spokesman noted.
The army recovered some weapons and ammunition from the hideout. They seized an AK-series rifle, two rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs), a disposable rocket launcher, a pistol and some ammunition.
The Saudi arrested gave serious information, including the location of the hideout of a terrorist cell of three Saudis and seven Yemenis, he said, adding that the popular committees in coordination with security authorities are continuing to chase them.
The Enigma String Quartet perform at The Hideout on May 6.
NABBED: A police officer escorts Cochrane from his hideout
Police said Monday they have confiscated arms at a hideout in Atsugi, Kanagawa Prefecture of the radical group Kakumaruha and arrested a group member on suspicion of assembly with offensive weapons.
On a tip-off, the Frontier Constabulary (FC) accompanied by intelligence agencies raided a hideout at Gowalzai area and recovered huge cache of weapons and explosives.
The sources said that law enforcers had conducted a raid on a militants' hideout located in the Raiwind area and had recovered a large quantity of weapons and ammunition.
SAMARRA -- A suspected Al-Qaeda hideout has been uncovered on an island on the Tigris river in central Iraq by a group of Sunni Arabs fighting the Islamist militants, their leader said on Saturday.