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red-handed an Arab resident, working as a trucker, who hided a 1,000 narcotic
The Correspondent quoted one of Ma'arat al-Nu'man people as saying that the policemen who escaped from the massacre on June 10th hided in the houses of the city as he and his son rescued 25 of them and moved them to Aleppo secretly fearing the gunmen to come and kill them.
Then took out petrol and other material to burn (vehicles), therefore we started running here and there and at last we hided in the farm," he added.
Surprisnigly, ouly al hided to here is the activity of "a frequent colleague of Provenzale" (p.
Sweetheart, " she gently c hided, "this is not the Internet.
We spent the whole night under the open sky along with our minors whom we hided under the heavy blankets," said Ahmad Khan, a resident of Mussaki Village who had brought a minor to the local hospital for treatment.