hide nor hair

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hide (n)or hair

No sign or sight of something or someone. I haven't seen hide nor hair of our neighbor in weeks—I hope he's OK! Can you go check outside for the cat? I haven't seen hide or hair of her in hours.
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*(neither) hide nor hair

Cliché no sign or indication of someone or something. (*Typically: find ~; see ~.) We could find neither hide nor hair of him. I don't know where he is. There has been no one here. We found neither hide nor hair.
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hide nor hair

A trace; a vestige: haven't seen hide nor hair of them since the argument.
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The children haven't seen hide nor hair of him since the programme aired.
Paul, of Hartburn, Stockton, told the Gazette: "We've not seen hide nor hair of it since he died.
Aside from a nondescript picture on the book's back cover, I can find neither hide nor hair of John Thomas.
I have not seen hide nor hair (not that newts have hair, but you know what I mean) of them since, but I hope that the garaged newt indicates that they are alive and well and breeding ( I rather like newts.
We have been down there three times and there's no hide nor hair of the cat.
If you took those potential new owners round Tattersalls the next day with an insider marking their card, you would never see hide nor hair of them again.
Though we saw neither hide nor hair of Chuck Dinkins or Fred Reeves, we ran into plenty of others including the one-time-egg-plant-challenged Donnie Griffin (now a father and mortgage broker), freestyle sensation Reggie Barnes (owner of Eastern Distribution), formerly sha-danked Ray Underhill (Eastern employee) and, most exciting, Atlanta's Tommy Kay (mustached Trashmore fan in Future Primitive who reminds his mother to "Keep the dead raccoon out of my truck, please
Since the coalition bombed Saddam's headquarters at the very beginning of the war, the world has neither seen his hide nor hair, only tapes," she said in her opening statement at the daily Pentagon news conference.