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Azam Malik observed that Pakistan is one of the biggest markets of the raw hides and skins in Asia and about 30-40 percent of the total produce is generated only on the occasion of Eid.
According to Livestock and Dairy Development Department of Punjab government, last year, a large number of hides became useless due to heat and because salt was not properly applied on them.
Number of possible combinations K", was the number of different possibilities to hide data in a cover image.
The turkey vulture hides a set of twins, kids of the tur species of wild goat.
We have received directions from the interior ministry to stop the banned outfits from collecting hides as they may use the amount (generated from the sale of the hides) in carrying out their nefarious designs," said Saqib Zafar, district coordination officer (DCO).
The unifying element in the five print ads is the black hide, while the underlying theme is profitability.
com) is a free product that lets you hide an encrypted file in an image.
Hide is the highest-profile sportsman to become subject to a tagging sentence.
Soaking a card in water separates layers, enabling a spy to hide a map between them.
He's big, fair enough, and strong with it - but there is nothing in his record to suggest he has the boxing ability to trouble Hide.
It is not the only way, maybe not even the best way, but it is simple and makes good hide.
As per the code of conduct, banned outfits and parties would not be allowed to collect hides, and using loud speakers for hide collection would also be prohibited.
Hides market experts say a total trade volume was not less than the previous year, however, prices of goat and sheep skin hide decreased sharply, mainly due to thin demand of leather goods in the US market.
Using this measure, among the flat and non-flat paints tested, solventborne coatings on average emitted over ten times as much VOC to hide the same area as the waterborne paints did, according to CARB.