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hidden agenda

A secret goal or an ulterior motive. I didn't trust Julie when she started being really nice to me out of the blue. It felt like she had a hidden agenda. I'm starting to wonder if the boss has a hidden agenda because he promised me the job but now he won't return my calls.
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hidden depths

1. Robust or complex aspects or characteristics that are not easily noticed or readily apparent. While the film makes no apologies for its graphic, over-the-top violence, there are hidden depths to the characters and their motivations that make this much more than just some schlocky B movie. If you get to know him, you come to realize that his ironic, apathetic public demeanor is on show to hide hidden depths of anguish and insecurity.
2. A place or part of something that is hidden away and requires a lot of searching or prior knowledge. I'm hesitant to give my child access to the internet, knowing full well what horrible things lie in its hidden depths. Astronomers have discovered a new solar system in the hidden depths of space.
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have a hidden talent

 and have hidden talents
Fig. to have talents or skills that no one knows about. Wow, Perry! I didn't know you had so many hidden talents.
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(a) hidden agenda

Fig. a secret plan; a concealed plan; a plan disguised as a plan with another purpose. I am sure that the chairman has a hidden agenda. I never did trust him anyway.
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a hidden agenda

COMMON If someone has a hidden agenda, they are secretly trying to achieve something while they appear to be doing something else. The unions fear these tactics are part of a hidden agenda to reduce pay and conditions throughout the company. The hidden agenda of the Government's prison privatisation policy seems to have been exposed. Note: An agenda is a list of things that need to be dealt with, for example at a meeting.
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hidden depths

admirable but previously unnoticed qualities.
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a hidden agenda

a person's real but concealed aims and intentions.
1993 New Scientist I hear that the physics community is fearful the government has a hidden agenda and intends eventually to close the Daresbury Laboratory.
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ACCOUNTANTS ARE UNIQUELY QUALIFIED to assist attorneys with searches for hidden assets in divorce cases because of their knowledge and experience in financial document analysis, accounting principles and auditing techniques and our awareness of common schemes to secrete property.
Incorporating this batch file sequence as part of a password protection or menu program and placing the batch file in a hidden directory and embedding invisible characters in its name will make it difficult for someone to find it.
Citizens Against Barricades has always thought that Hidden Valley residents want to see this road open,'' said Glenda Thompson Bona, a spokeswoman for the group.
2 million, while Hidden Hills ($882,500) was highest in the Valley.
The case over the development agreement is one of three about the Hidden Creek project, a planned development on 4,300 acres north of Campus Park.
Making Calgrove and Valley cul-de-sacs and requiring Hidden Valley residents to continue operating their private gate so they could pass through.
No, he wanted to allow Messenger's Hidden Creek proposal, too, to give Moorpark 3,221 more houses - so we'd have a staggering 86 percent growth rate by 2020.
The Los Angeles County Regional Planning Commission approved the gate in 1983 at the request of Happy Valley residents, whose Valley Street ended in wilderness before the Hidden Valley tract and others opened off Calgrove Boulevard in 1985.