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hide (one's) head

To lower one's head or cover one's face, typically due to embarrassment or shame. Michael showed me exactly who had broken my vase when he hid his head in response to my question. I totally forgot to do my homework, so all I could do was hide my head as my teacher collected it from everyone else.
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hide the sausage

rude slang To have sexual intercourse. A: "Did you two hide the sausage last night?" B: "Well that's a personal question!"
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hide a multitude of sins

To conceal things that are unattractive or problematic. I need to wear a girdle to hide a multitude of sins. New drywall will hide a multitude of sins in the kitchen.
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hide (one's) head in the sand

To avoid, or try to avoid, a particular situation by pretending that it does not exist. The phrase refers to the common but mistaken belief that ostriches bury their heads in the sand when frightened, so as to avoid being seen. Lou, you can't hide your head in the sand about your health—please, make an appointment with your doctor and get that rash checked out! A: "How has Peter been handling the break-up?" B: "Oh, just hiding his head in the sand and ignoring his feelings."
See also: head, hide, sand
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New HID Mobile Access capabilities, including support for Apple Watch, Android Wear and tablets: New capabilities provide smart device choice, beyond the smartphone, to open doors and gates.
With the addition of the company's newly established Mexico City office, continued advancements throughout Latin America will be instrumental in the growth and development of HID Global's success.
Miguel Braojos, Vice President Global Sales, IAM Solutions, HID Global, said, "Addressing and fulfilling end-users requirements is critical in order to invest with confidence in HID Global's trusted identity solutions.
Mike George, Managing Director of MyTAG Ltd, said, "Our partnership with HID Global has empowered MyTAG to develop innovative NFC-based solutions that boost safety and security processes in key management, lone worker and guard tour programs practices.
R] HID, the HID logo iCLASS iCLASS SE and OMNIKEY are trademarks or registered trademarks of HID Global in the U.
Prior to the settlement, HID Global had obtained a significant victory relating to the two asserted patents.
HID Global is very proud to have our groundbreaking iCLASS SE access control platform recognized by one of the most respected organizations in the security industry," said Tony Ball, senior vice president of Identity Access Management with HID Global.
Participating in major government ID programs around the world, HID Global is at the forefront of the government ID market, participating in major government ID projects such as e-passport, national ID, e-ID, foreign resident, worker ID and vehicle registration programs.
The story has become legend: Anne, her family and some acquaintances hid in the upper levels of an Amsterdam office building once owned by her father for 25 months before Nazis captured them and dispatched them to concentration camps.
Federal Identity Compliance: HID and its ActivIdentity[R] branded products and services, including the new PIV-I Credential Service for federal contractor Personal Identity Verification - Interoperable (PIV-I) compliant credentials and demonstrations of its pivCLASS solutions that PIV-enable existing physical access control systems.
In addition to developing HID Global's emerging markets and new revenue streams, Mr.
Company Will Preview Its Next-Generation Access Control Technology, Developments in Its Federal Identity Initiative and New Green Products; HID Will Also Host Strategy Briefing
HID Global, trusted leader in solutions for the delivery of secure identity, today announced it has extended the benefits of its HID Identity on Demand[TM] services to include a secure web portal that enables customers and channel partners to monitor and manage all aspects of card personalization projects, from design and ordering through data transmission, high-quality multi-color printing, programming and on-time delivery anywhere in the world.