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(as) busy as a hibernating bear

Not busy at all; inactive. He says he has no time to help our charity, but I know that he's off from school right now and busy as a hibernating bear!
See also: bear, busy, hibernate

*busy as a hibernating bear

not busy at all. (*Also: as ~.) Tom: I can't go with you. I'm busy. Jane: Yeah. You're as busy as a hibernating bear. He lounged on the sofa all day, busy as a hibernating bear.
See also: bear, busy, hibernate
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They experience a drop in metabolism and heart rate, but not to the extent that hibernators do.
Besides that, dramatic changes due to wake and deep hibernation cycles result in increasing risk of oxidative stress in sensitive tissues of mammalian hibernators (Carey et al.
Under field conditions with seasonally variable soil temperatures, these body-temperature patterns likewise hold, at least qualitatively, for free-ranging hibernators within Tamias (chipmunks-Humphries et al.
Seasonal activity of the glycolytic enzymes in a hibernator, the arctic ground squirrel "Spermophilus parryi.
The edible dormouse is an obligate hibernator and in contrast to other glirids with an unusually short active period and profound reproductive strategy.
Chipmunks are usually considered hibernators, but they don't just snore all winter.
The new battlefield resuscitation strategy is about slowing biological time, an idea that was borrowed from the "tricks" of natural hibernators, and is based on Professor Dobson's prior research innovation, Adenocaine([R]) technology, which is now used in the USA in cardiac surgery, and soon to be introduced in Europe and other international markets.
If they go in really chunky, nice and roly-poly, that's going to be a good hibernator," he says.
Unlike a true hibernator, the denned black bear maintains a near normal body temperature which allows it to quickly react to any situation.
amp; Ruf T 2011: Survival rates in a small hibernator, the edible dormouse: a comparison across Europe.
Long Trail Hibernator is pronounced the favorite of the evening.
In mammals, hibernation is so widespread that researchers reason that the ancestor of all mammals must have been a hibernator.
Although not a true hibernator, the Eastern chipmunk is less active in the winter, emerging as soon as soil and air temperatures begin to warm in the spring.
pipiens is also an aquatic hibernator (Licht, 1991) and both species show broad similarities in geographic range and macrohabitat choice (Conant, 1975).
2011: Survival rates in a small hibernator the edible dormouse: a comparison across Europe.