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(as) busy as a hibernating bear

Not busy at all; inactive. He says he has no time to help our charity, but I know that he's off from school right now and busy as a hibernating bear!
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*busy as a hibernating bear

not busy at all. (*Also: as ~.) Tom: I can't go with you. I'm busy. Jane: Yeah. You're as busy as a hibernating bear. He lounged on the sofa all day, busy as a hibernating bear.
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Besides that, dramatic changes due to wake and deep hibernation cycles result in increasing risk of oxidative stress in sensitive tissues of mammalian hibernators (Carey et al., 2000).
Under field conditions with seasonally variable soil temperatures, these body-temperature patterns likewise hold, at least qualitatively, for free-ranging hibernators within Tamias (chipmunks-Humphries et al., 2003), Marmota (marmots and woodchucks-Florant et al., 2000; Zervanos and Salsbury, 2003; Lee et al., 2009; Zervanos et al., 2010), Cynomys (prairie dogs-Lehmer and Biggins, 2005), Spermophilus [Old World ground squirrels-Hut et al., 2002 (studied under semi-natural conditions)] and Urocitellus (Holarctic ground squirrels-Wang, 1973, 1979; Young, 1990; Michener, 1992; Buck et al., 2008; Frank et al., 2008).
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Besides the body weight losing, the hibernation may increase the risk of infections for the hibernators. Based on our observations, turtles are susceptible to infections in their limbs, paws, neck and eyes during hibernation, but providing suitable sand beds during hibernation may have significant positive effects on turtle health.
Hibernator? No, but mice living outdoors may den for a few days in very cold weather.
Hibernation is relatively long-term, but hibernators can and do wake up.
"If they go in really chunky, nice and roly-poly, that's going to be a good hibernator," he says.
Heather will demonstrate how to make ladybird hibernator boxes and lacewing chambers, with visitors also having a chance to try their hand.
Hibernator? No, but does den up for days at a time when the weather is bad.
Take the woodchuck, whom most scientists agree is a true hibernator. A hibernating woodchuck is very different from a sleeping woodchuck.
"She's more active and I'm a hibernator. I stay home a bit more.
Long Trail Hibernator is pronounced the favorite of the evening.
In mammals, hibernation is so widespread that researchers reason that the ancestor of all mammals must have been a hibernator. People maybe physiologically capable of tapping this dram of evolutionary heritage, says molecular biologist Sandra Martin of the University of Colorado School of Medicine in Aurora.
Unlike a true hibernator, the denned black bear maintains a near normal body temperature which allows it to quickly react to any situation.