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(as) busy as a hibernating bear

Not busy at all; inactive. He says he has no time to help our charity, but I know that he's off from school right now and busy as a hibernating bear!
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*busy as a hibernating bear

not busy at all. (*Also: as ~.) Tom: I can't go with you. I'm busy. Jane: Yeah. You're as busy as a hibernating bear. He lounged on the sofa all day, busy as a hibernating bear.
See also: bear, busy, hibernate
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Researchers at University of Alaska Fairbanks found that American black bears, captured by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, only reduce their body temperatures slightly during hibernation, their metabolic activity drops dramatically, slowing to about 25 percent of their normal, active rates.
By monitoring the black bears, day and night for five months of hibernation, the researchers observed that the bears' body temperatures fluctuated between 30 and 36 degrees Celsius in slow two- to seven-day cycles.
Hibernation is not as common among mammals as many people assume.
The ideal hedgehog hibernation spot is in deep dense undergrowth where a safe sheltered hollow can ensure that they are undisturbed.
It most recently awoke from its slumber on Monday when again the programmed computer commands woke it up for the next few months before it goes back into hibernation mode on Dec.
With help, not only will Hibernation become a reality, but so will the multitude of additional games Jesse has brewing in his head.
Like other animals, they have to rev their metabolisms out of hibernation if they want a nap.
Key words: WNS, bat activity, hibernation behaviour, Myotis myotis, hibernacula
The lander had been in hibernation since November shortly after it touched down on speeding comet 67P - 300 million miles away.
Philae had been in hibernation since November when it became the first spacecraft to touch down on the surface of a comet.
Shortly after its historic landing, Philae managed to conduct experiments and transmit data for about 60 hours before its batteries were depleted and it was forced into hibernation.
Last year, he studied six captive grizzly bears during hibernation.
While the probe is now out of its hibernation phase, it will still take seven months to reach its closet point from Pluto, passing within 12,500 kms of the planet's surface in July 2015.
During hibernation, dormice enter into 'torpor' to save energy and water.