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(as) busy as a hibernating bear

Not busy at all; inactive. He says he has no time to help our charity, but I know that he's off from school right now and busy as a hibernating bear!
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*busy as a hibernating bear

not busy at all. (*Also: as ~.) Tom: I can't go with you. I'm busy. Jane: Yeah. You're as busy as a hibernating bear. He lounged on the sofa all day, busy as a hibernating bear.
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In contrast, caves in Europe have been reported to contain many, if not hundreds, of hibernating Glis (Polak 1997, Krystufek & Flajsman 2007).
To further explore the feasibility of bats hibernating in hollows or crevices in trees on Haida Gwaii, we used the formulas of Humphries and others (2006) to determine how much fat would be required for a Little Brown Myotis to hibernate in trees, with one exception.
The fungus may interrupt bat sleep patterns and causes the hibernating bats to awaken, depleting their fat reserves and causing starvation.
While hibernating bears can also survive for seven months or more without excreting their urinary wastes, humans would die from the buildup of these toxic substances after only a few days.
I was the first person to notice that the small tortoiseshells were hibernating in the old store near the entrance.
No pond bats were found hibernating in any of the known hibernation sites monitored every winter in Gauja National Park (V.
Hibernating bears have become popular medical subjects.
Visitors can learn all about hibernating mammals, make their own bat box and try setting up a video camera to capture wildlife images.
The rush is on to find the cause, French noted, because within three weeks hibernating bats disperse and migrate up to hundreds of miles to spend the summer.
Researchers are learning that hibernating bears aren't necessarily caving in to the winter do-nothings.
The first time Lynne Nelson entered a den of hibernating grizzly bears, she felt a little nervous.
RAKE up rose leaves and put them in the dustbin to prevent any disease spores hibernating in the soil ready to re-infect the plants next spring.
No, driving on Sudbury's roads hasn't become an Olympic sport just yet, but driving into the fairway at one of the Golf Sudbury network's four courses is just the kind of exercise the city's hibernating duffers have been aching for.