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hew (something) out of (something)

To carve or cut a particular shape or object out of a piece of wood. Yeah, I hewed this bottle opener out of a piece of wood I had lying around the shop.
See also: hew, of, out

hew down

To cut something down, typically a tree. A noun or pronoun can be used between "hew" and "down." If we're going to build houses here, then we need to hew down a lot of these trees.
See also: down, hew

hew out

To carve or cut a particular shape or object out of a piece of wood. A noun or pronoun can be used between "hew" and "out." I'm going to hew out a bottle opener—what are you making?
See also: hew, out

hew to (something)

To adhere to a particular idea or rule. The teacher will deduct points if you don't hew to the guidelines for the project.
See also: hew, to
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hew something down

to fell something wooden, usually a tree. We will have to hew most of this forest down. They hewed down the tree.
See also: down, hew

hew something out of something

 and hew something out
to carve the shape of something out of something wooden. Dan hewed each of the posts out of a tree trunk. He hewed out a number of posts.
See also: hew, of, out

hew to something

to conform to a rule or principle. I wish you would hew to the rules a little better. Sarah refuses to hew to the company policies.
See also: hew, to
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hew to

To conform to some law, set of beliefs, or course of action: I hope our children will hew to the traditions of our ancestors.
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In this study, we have combined time-motion and available financial data (local and national) in Ethiopia to generate a fee schedule for HEW services.
National-level studies show that salaries are only part of HEW program expenditures, (18) and thus we accounted for two different options of costing that demonstrate full cost recovery: one option where the Woreda must cover its own cost of supplies and one option where supplies are donated.
Our study examined the activities of a specific type of healthcare provider (the HEW) and enabled the estimation of HEW fees that would allow for full cost recovery of this provision of service to the health system.
Because of the paucity of non-salary cost data, we applied a non-salary cost rate estimate rather than accounting directly for all of the non-salary costs associated with provision of HEW services (supplies, management, and overhead).
Supplementary file 1 contains the HEW Costing Data Collection Tool.
* Understanding both the health extension worker (HEW) time and non-salary resources needed to deliver HEW services can help in planning sustainable financing schemes for supporting such services, which are often the cornerstone of an effective primary care system.
HEWs described a HMIS for capturing family data through registration, logging HEW service provision, and assisting in follow-up.
Most HEWs report workload, shortage of resources for documenting HMIS activity, multiple HMIS formats, and management of patient folders as challenges of HMIS.
HMIS format being in the English language was a significant area for improvement expressed by many HEWs, as this impeded their ability to report accurately.
As our HEWs are a bit experienced in it, it is hard to say that there are skill gaps; rather, it is due to over business or work over load".
In the majority of individual interviews and FGDs with HEWs in the implementation zone, there was a significant lack of awareness and knowledge about eHealth.
To hew, I place my left foot on the log and my right foot on the ground about a foot and a half behind my left foot.
To properly hew with any ax you need to get a feel for the ax's bevel.
A pattern I find pleasing is to hew joists down to 4" x 6" or 6" x 8", but leaving the bottom surface unhewn.
To accomplish this I first hewed the log down to an even thickness of 8", Following this I hewed the bottom flat.