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hew something down

to fell something wooden, usually a tree. We will have to hew most of this forest down. They hewed down the tree.
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hew something out of something

 and hew something out
to carve the shape of something out of something wooden. Dan hewed each of the posts out of a tree trunk. He hewed out a number of posts.
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hew to something

to conform to a rule or principle. I wish you would hew to the rules a little better. Sarah refuses to hew to the company policies.
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hew to

To conform to some law, set of beliefs, or course of action: I hope our children will hew to the traditions of our ancestors.
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The designs on Ruff Hewn feature plaids and lodge looks, along with motifs such as moose and elk, in deep red, green and blue palettes.
Rough Hewn Home Furnishings LLC is an industrial furniture and rustic home furnishings brand founded in 2012 and currently located in the Galleria of shops at 145 Front Street, Shop #17, Brooklyn NY (DUMBO) 11201.
Under the agreement, the Saks Department Stores Group ("SDSG") has exclusive rights in the United States to design, produce, distribute, and sell Ruff Hewn merchandise in a wide range of product categories.
An old Norwegian custom has believers forgoing the use of knives and axes on Holy Thursday--an exercise in mindfulness, given the belief that Christ's cross was hewn that day.
a holding company of several brands, to license the Ruff Hewn trademark for exclusive use on a wide range of product categories, including home.
But the largest timbers I have hewn were fitted into a conventional stud frame house.
com)-- Rough Hewn Home has opened a furniture and home furnishings store in Brooklyn's DUMBO neighborhood.
Reached by a flight of rough hewn stone steps, the podium acts as a physical and metaphorical gathering place, a transition between the realms of the quotidian and the divine.
Which of these respiratory diseases develops depends on how freshly hewn the inhaled mineral particles were, a new study suggests.
Brands typically carried in Herberger's stores include Laura Ashley, Jones New York, Lauren, Liz Claiborne, JH Collectibles, Calvin Klein, Relativity, Pursuits, Breckenridge, DKNY Jeans, Ruff Hewn, Polo/Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Columbia, Consensus, Dooney & Bourke, Nine West, Enzo, Franco Sarto, Bandalino, Born, Timberland, Clarks, Waterford, Jane Seymour home, Estee Lauder, Clinique, and Lancome.
Seaboard revamped the building's facade and its four-story base, hewn from granite cubes up to four feet thick, replacing most of the first three floors of granite base at the north facade with a new panelized granite system.
And in Ethiopia, we present a study of the country's remarkable early Christian churches, impressive and beautiful monuments to faith that are literally hewn out of the living rock.
In Tenth Street #2, 1992, a rectangular plank bordered by squiggles and painterly strokes rises from a foreground constructed from various shades of white like a roughly hewn two-by-four nailed to a weathered fence.
Since its inception in January 1997, SDSG's private brand organization has developed several brands including Relativity, Pursuits, Studio Works, Laura Ashley, Ruff Hewn, and Breckenridge in women's apparel and accessories; Consensus, Cezani, RBM, and Ruff Hewn in men's apparel; Jane Seymour and LivingQuarters in home; URIT in children's apparel; and Intimate Essentials in intimate apparel.