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hew something down

to fell something wooden, usually a tree. We will have to hew most of this forest down. They hewed down the tree.
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hew something out of something

 and hew something out
to carve the shape of something out of something wooden. Dan hewed each of the posts out of a tree trunk. He hewed out a number of posts.
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hew to something

to conform to a rule or principle. I wish you would hew to the rules a little better. Sarah refuses to hew to the company policies.
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hew to

To conform to some law, set of beliefs, or course of action: I hope our children will hew to the traditions of our ancestors.
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Sources from cantonment board said that, administration has also auctioned the contract of hewing of these trees on very less amount and millions of rupees 'Corruption Project' is being planned behind this project.
On the other side, citizens severely protesting against hewing of these trees have said that cutting of trees have not only damaged the beauty of city but has also increased the environmental pollution.
These men oblivious of the dark perils of hewing, A unique acceptance of what and why they were doing.
Hewing, of Bakerdale Road, Carlton, was sentenced to three years in prison at Nottingham Crown Court on Wednesday after admitting 13 counts of burglary, one of theft and one of attempted burglary.
Following sentencing, Detective Constable Alan Oxley, from West Bridgford CID, said: "Initially, Hewing appeared very unassuming and came across as an average man.
If you feel the need to try your hand at hewing, the demonstration will be an interactive one.
In perfecting my hewing style I have developed techniques that appear to run contrary to those currently being written about.
Many books currently being printed on hewing show the log at a site, usually out of the woods, usually on trestles a couple of feet off the ground and secured with iron dogs.
Another reason for hewing in the woods is that this is the easiest place to stabilize a log.
Finally, he adapted the shape to his intentions by hewing away certain areas and building up others with inlaying.