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hew (something) out of (something)

To carve or cut a particular shape or object out of a piece of wood. Yeah, I hewed this bottle opener out of a piece of wood I had lying around the shop.
See also: hew, of, out

hew down

To cut something down, typically a tree. A noun or pronoun can be used between "hew" and "down." If we're going to build houses here, then we need to hew down a lot of these trees.
See also: down, hew

hew out

To carve or cut a particular shape or object out of a piece of wood. A noun or pronoun can be used between "hew" and "out." I'm going to hew out a bottle opener—what are you making?
See also: hew, out

hew to (something)

To adhere to a particular idea or rule. The teacher will deduct points if you don't hew to the guidelines for the project.
See also: hew, to
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hew something down

to fell something wooden, usually a tree. We will have to hew most of this forest down. They hewed down the tree.
See also: down, hew

hew something out of something

 and hew something out
to carve the shape of something out of something wooden. Dan hewed each of the posts out of a tree trunk. He hewed out a number of posts.
See also: hew, of, out

hew to something

to conform to a rule or principle. I wish you would hew to the rules a little better. Sarah refuses to hew to the company policies.
See also: hew, to
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hew to

To conform to some law, set of beliefs, or course of action: I hope our children will hew to the traditions of our ancestors.
See also: hew, to
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