hero of the underworld

hero (of the underworld)

n. heroin. Don says he knows the hero of the underworld well.
See also: hero, of
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Koko is simultaneously a once almost friendless schoolchild, some manner of boy wonder photographer, an opportunist petty criminal -- inspired by Garo, the legendary Armenian hero of the underworld -- an artist, a passionate lover, and a caring father.
Among the more troubling titles donated to the prison are Cocaine Nights, Hero Of The Underworld and Psycho.
Boyle, 67, has written autobiographies A Sense Of Freedom (1977 ) and Pain Of Confinement (1984) plus the best-selling novel Hero Of The Underworld (1999).
But yesterday the bookshop manager, Eleanor Logan, contacted the publishers of Boyle's latest book, Hero of the Underworld, to tell them that many East Kilbride residents were furious about Boyle's arrival.
His latest book is called Hero Of The Underworld. But to many, Boyle is anything but a hero.
HERO OF THE UNDERWORLD by Jimmy Boyle (Serpent's Tail, pounds 9.99)