here's to (someone or something)

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here's to (someone or something)

A phrase that precedes a toast. Here's to your continued good health! Here's to my beautiful sister Marie.

Here's to

(someone or something), an expression used as a toast to someone or something to wish someone or something well. Here's to Jim and Mary! May they be very happy! Here's to your new job!

here's to

One salutes someone or something. For example, Here's to Bill on his retirement, or Here's to the new project. This phrase, nearly always used as a toast to someone or something, is a shortening of here's a health to and has been so used since the late 1500s. Shakespeare had it in Romeo and Juliet (5:3): "Here's to my Love."

here’s to somebody/something!

used for wishing somebody/something health, success, happiness, etc., especially when lifting your glass and drinking a toast to somebody/something: Here’s to the happy couple! May they have a long and happy marriage!What a wonderful meal. Here’s to the cook!Here’s to success!
See also: somebody
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Elin Hilderbrand's Here's to Us (9781478909392, $35.
here's To us Elin Hilderbrand A playboy celebrity chef passes away and his three ex wives are forced together at the request of his will, with some surprising secrets uncovered.
So whether you are going racing or enjoying it all from your armchair, here's to us all ending up with a winning ticket or two this weekend.
And whoever and wherever we are, here's to us, courageous people who braved it, some more than once, and have emerged bloodied but unbowed.
This album plays to the band's strengths and Louise Quinn's vampy, seductive and dramatic voice is at the forefront, particularly on Here's To Us.
Here's to us taking Africa seriously now, so we will have an answer to that question in the future.
Here's to us all, at home and abroad - happy Paddy's.
The single Here's To Us feels amazing to play live, it feels like a really powerful song.
Here's to us It's the end of an era for this group of friends
A BAND CALLED QUINN Here's To Us A sassy and hugely infectious pop track from ABCQ and vocals of Louise Quinn swirl around you and captivate.
There's a song in the show called Here's To Us where all the visuals kicked in and I could see the horrified expressions in some of the audience's faces as people put their fingers in their ears.
Here's To Us, with its cowboy-tune galloping beginning and Louise's spat out lyrics "Here's to us, victorious" is a winning statement of intent.
Louise Quinn of A Band Called Quinn is putting out a CD of The Beggar's Opera and single Here's To Us is out in October.