here's mud in your eye!

here's mud in your eye

A convivial toast to one's drinking companions. The phrase is meant to be ironic. I'd like to propose a toast. To all my best friends, who all came here tonight to see me off. Here's mud in your eye!
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here's mud in your eye!

used to express friendly feelings towards your companions before drinking. British informal
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Here’s mud in your eye

sent. I salute you. (A jocular drinking toast.) Here’s mud in your eye. Bottoms up!
See also: eye, mud
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Here's mud in your eye! One Challenger who didn't mind the dirt
HERE'S mud in your eye! Back Duke Of Marmalade to stay in front of New Approach in the Irish Champion Stakes (3.50).
Here's mud in your eye! The toast from TV pundit Jimmy Hill wasn't exactly one of friendship or the act of a gentleman.