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Here is one such: "It was understood by Hume and his eighteenth-century contemporaries that with de tallagio non concedendo the English people became for the first time entirely emancipated from prerogative taxation.
And not only full of blue suit uniforms which we had in the first forum, but now we have all kinds of uniforms and we have all sorts of senior representation that's coming here together to solve a common problem.
UNITE HERE is asking Station Casinos shareholders to vote for proposals to change the supermajority provision for amending the Company's bylaws, institute annual elections of directors, and allow shareholders to vote on the company's "poison pill" anti-takeover device.
Rutherford: I think we're dealing with perceptions here.
When his mum calls, just say, 'Dan's here, he'd love to talk' and pass him the phone," says relationship psychologist Gladeana McMahon.
After the quality of the leads and contacts we've made, we are looking forward to being here in 2005
In a report sent to institutional investors, HERE outlined several key concerns with the tracking stock proposal, including:
With the help of Lagardere Active, the Be Here TotalView(TM) Internet System is bringing an unprecedented 360-degree interactive view of AirVenture 2001 home to Internet users and aviation enthusiasts all over the world," said Brian Terkelsen, vice president and general manager of sports and entertainment for Be Here Corporation.
Known as Philips/Be Here Picture-In-Picture Navigable Visual Content (PIP NVC), the application brings Be Here's patented single-camera immersive video capture and playback technology to the ITV arena for the first time.
Partners for these new media telecasts include ESPN, Be Here Corporation, and Trakus, Inc.
With QuickTime being the fastest growing distributed media technology for Mac and Windows users worldwide, the Be Here component will provide millions of QuickTime users the opportunity to view popular 360-degree Internet video.
Be Here, the leading provider of 360-degree Internet video technology and AtomFilms, the leading next-generation entertainment company, today announced Joe Riley as the winner of the world's first immersive movie contest sponsored by RealNetworks and Sony Digital Imaging.
The Democratic National Convention Committee (DNCC) and Be Here Corporation, the leading provider of 360-degree Internet video technology, today announced their partnership to provide the first live, interactive 360-degree Internet Webcast of the Democratic National Convention, to be held in Los Angeles, August 14-17.
Be Here To Debut Its iVideo Plug-in At Real Conference 2000;