herd together

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herd someone or something together

to bunch people or animals together. Let's herd all the kids together and take them in the house for ice cream and cake. I herded all the puppies together and put them in a box while I cleaned their play area.
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True or False: Bighorn rams and ewes herd together year-round.
The seven of us formed a line either side of our cattle as we struggled by torchlight to keep the herd together.
The girls continually chase after straying animals to keep the herd together.
Beleaguered IT managers look at Web services and see they not only can address the issue of external integration, but also herd together all of those misbehaving internal applications.
It helps to keep the herd together, it's as simple as that, and it has stayed that way through the ages.
Herd together a score of texts on 'contemporary architectural discourse', mostly by academics, and you can bet that some will be written in Heavy American.
But it's not just safety that keeps the herd together.