(one's) old stamping ground

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(one's) old stamping ground

A favorite place where one used to frequent; a location where one used to spend a lot of time. It's been a long time since I've been back to my old stamping ground by the lake! After the reunion, everyone from the old gang of friends went to our stamping ground, just like we used to do back in high school.
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one's old stamping ground

Fig. the place where one was raised or where one has spent a lot of time. (There are variants with stomping and grounds.) Ann should know about that place. It's near her old stamping ground. I can't wait to get back to my old stomping grounds.
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old stamping ground

A favorite or habitual haunt. This Americanism dates from the eighteenth century and originally referred to a place where horses or cattle were gathered together (presumably stamping down the ground with their hooves). By the early 1800s it had been transferred to a gathering place for human beings. D. Dunklin used it in an 1821 letter: “It is unnecessary to undertake to give you any details of affairs in your old stamping ground.”
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Doctor who actress Billie Piper returned to her old stamping ground of Cardiff yesterday - but it was nothing to do with a return to the series that revived her career.
MIDLAND movie star Julie Walters returns to her old stamping ground this week as the Birmingham Book Festival gets in to full swing.
Big Brother let Grace visit her old stamping ground for 21 minutes as a treat for her 21st birthday.
A woman taking over a powerful new environmental body returned to her old stamping ground in the North-East yesterday.
The PM's wife and former Crosby schoolgirl then headed off to her old stamping ground to visit the famous naked men of the town beach, otherwise known as the Anthony Gormley statues.
The event at Gosforth Park Hotel tempted Jayne, from Bedlington, Northumberland, to visit her old stamping ground, but the stay was too short.