(one's) next of kin

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(one's) next of kin

One's closest living relative. Now that the body has been identified, we'll have to notify his next of kin of his death. The will specifies that her next of kin will be entitled to her entire estate.
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one's next of kin

one's closest living relative or relatives. The police notified the dead man's next of kin. My next of kin lives 800 miles away.
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your ˌnext of ˈkin

(formal) your closest living relative or relatives: The hospital need to contact her next of kin — she is very ill indeed.This form must be signed by your next of kin.
Kin is an old word for your family or your relatives.
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References in classic literature ?
But I wish you a very good night, concluding with this slight remark, that there is a young lady growing up at this present moment for me, who has not only great personal attractions but great wealth, and who has requested her next of kin to propose for my hand, which, having a regard for some members of her family, I have consented to promise.
Shirley Ann McCann was found dead at her home in Hoseside Road, Wallasey on Wednesday (July 3), but officers have been unable to trace her next of kin.
A statement issued by Merseyside Police said: "We believe that Shirley has family members in both Manchester and Guildford but would appreciate anyone that knew Shirley or her next of kin to get in touch."
In a statement, Merseyside Police confirmed that the death of the woman is not being treated as suspicious and her next of kin have been informed.
Police are working to identify the woman and inform her next of kin following the incident on Sunday night.
Dyfed-Powys Police is now trying to trace her next of kin after the crash in Carmarthenshire.
"We know that she went by several different names and had links to the Birmingham and London areas, however, we have now exhausted all other lines of inquiry and appealing for information via the media and social media is our final attempt to find her next of kin.
Rule 13(2)(c) of the Ethical Rules of Conduct of the HPCSA [4] state that confidential information about a deceased patient should only be divulged 'with the written consent of his or her next of kin or the executor of his or her estate'--except where such information ought to be disclosed in terms of a statute or court order, or the disclosure is justified in the public interest.
Summary: A report has revealed Baby P's mother named her violent partner as her next of kin on a form but no one realised he was living with her.
Baby P's mother named her violent partner as her next of kin on an official form but authorities still failed to realise he was living with her, a previously secret report has revealed.
A series of distressing and unacceptable incidents culminated in my mother being discharged from the hospital without her next of kin being informed.
"We are urgently trying to get in touch with her next of kin who live in another part of the country.
Mr Simblet had told the court that ``G'''s mother had previously been her next of kin, but they no longer got on.
Her next of kin or anyone who can help trace her next of kin is asked to call Clair Crilly at Liverpool Coroner's office on 0151 225 5064 or email clair.crilly@liverpool.gov.uk.
A PARANOID schizophrenic lesbian has won her battle to have her lover named as her next of kin at London's high court .