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henpeck (someone)

Of a woman, to thoroughly and continually dominate, intimidate, bully, or browbeat (a man), especially her boyfriend, partner, or husband. Janet is usually so nice, but when she's around her husband, she just henpecks him relentlessly.
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Of a man, thoroughly and continually dominated, intimidated, bullied, or browbeaten by a woman, especially his wife or girlfriend. John used to be the most adventurous, spontaneous guy I knew, but since he got married, he's become totally henpecked. I hope I never become some henpecked husband like my father was.
See also: henpeck
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Even in spite of that decent effort, Henpecked runs off the same, humble-looking mark of 67 and, perhaps just as importantly, has the assistance of Paul Hanagan.
At the end he goes home, finds his wife there, and is glad to be a middle-aged, henpecked husband again.
Visitors to the decidedly dodgy boozer will meet the 'regulars' who reveal secrets and scandal over a pint of Gallows Ale or a non-alcoholic brew, before encountering the lively landlady and her henpecked husband.
But given the economic upheavals, political scandals, the miners' strike and all manner of difficulties following the Royal wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Di, the BBC for much of the period resembled a henpecked husband just waiting to be given a good kicking.
Robert, 87, who played henpecked husband Howard Sibshaw in the BBC1 sitcom, has been signed on a deal to start next month.
Later, the CSIs discover from Neal's brother that he was henpecked and was supposed to meet him in the club that night.
As they explore their ruined suite, anxious Alan encounters a tiger in the bathroom, henpecked dentist Stu finds he''s missing a tooth, and the lads discover somebody''s left a baby in the cupboard.
HENPECKED brickie Gary Bates from Gloucester put his nagging wife donna up for grabs on a website called Free to collect.
In between, Yvan (Roger Lloyd Pack) is henpecked beyond belief and will say anything about the painting to whoever wants to listen, just because he wants to keep the peace.
Don Townend, who appeared in last year's Last Tango in Whitby, takes the lead as a playboy bachelor; Vicki Davies plays his bossy mother; and actor director Bill Chapman his henpecked dad.
In the comedy Carpool, Tom, right, plays a henpecked husband who decides to get rich quick...
And in circumstances that would make Aston Villa chairman Doug Ellis weep as he wrestles with the problem of the henpecked David Unsworth, the profit came without Jarni kicking a ball for the Sky Blues.
Henpecked Rip and his dog Wolf wander into the Catskill mountains before the Revolutionary War.
4.00 Saxonette FINAL COUNTDOWN 4.30 FIRST SITTING HENPECKED 5.00 IFTIKAAR TRACKFACTS AYR: An oval left handed circuit, galloping in nature, of approximately one mile and a half.
The firm became famous for its saucy buxom blondes and henpecked husbands in the cartoon cards.