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cock in the henhouse

The only male in an all-female environment. Getting a male teacher is a big deal when you go to an all-girls school! Finally, a cock in the henhouse! My grandpa always complains that he's a cock in the henhouse living here with my grandma, my mom, and my twin sister.
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Don't let the fox guard the henhouse.

proverb Don't assign the duty of protecting or controlling valuable information or resources to someone who is likely to exploit that opportunity. You're going to put your ex-convict brother-in-law in charge of your business? I can't tell you how to run your company, but don't let the fox guard the henhouse.
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fox guarding the henhouse

A person likely to exploit the information or resources that they have been charged to protect or control. My sister is going to put her ex-convict brother-in-law in charge of her business, and I'm worried he'll be like a fox guarding the henhouse.
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fox in the henhouse

Someone who will or intends to exploit or manipulate something, some place, or someone for their own personal gain. (A fox would prey upon hens if it went into a henhouse.) He was like a fox in the henhouse, using every trick up his sleeve to line his pockets with the company's money. Giving a person like that access to so much power is like putting a fox in the henhouse.
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We attached a pair of double doors to the rear wall frame, as well as a long horizontal door we could fold down to easily clean the henhouse floor.
Hafod Renewables has done plenty of work at farms across north Wales - more than 100 of them, mainly dairy producers, have had solar systems installed, but this was the first system they have put in for a henhouse.
But it wasn't until after a small first henhouse washed away during Hurricane Katrina that the couple decided to get serious about raising hens in a spacious new structure near the bottom of their back steps.
dusk the roosters can be brought in to a henhouse with their own food and water, and let out at a reasonable hour (say, 7.30am), which would enable people around them to have a full night's sleep.
Chicago's Henhouse Prowlers - who have gained a reputation for their original, tradition-inspired bluegrass - will play at 9 p.m.
The rocket -- among a stock of several similar rockets and artillery shells stacked in a henhouse -- was left over from the 2006 war between Hezbollah and the Israeli army, Ataya said.
Ferrari president Luca Cordero di Montezemolo has denied reports claiming that Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel has agreed to join the team in 2014, saying he does not want "two roosters in the same henhouse".
And he claimed teaming up the Red Bull ace with title rival Fernando Alonso would never be on the agenda because he doesn't want "two roosters in the same henhouse".
FERRARI president Luca Cordero di Montezemolo has denied reports claiming that Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel has agreed to join the team in 2014 by saying he does not want "two roosters in the same henhouse".
Another $664,000 was donated to 20 projects, such as funding elementary school tuition, clean water filters to halt the spread of cholera and the creation of a henhouse for which 100 women in Derac share management responsibilities Details: Carine Ronen, croenen@fonkoze.org, Rev.
None of the silly henhouse flock can figure out what the huge new arrival is (echoing "Blind Men and the Elephant'), but after
It has a large henhouse on its premises and pupils ensure it is clean and their feathered friends have enough water and food.
In English, we might say don't trust the cat to watch the cream or don't send the fox to guard the henhouse. But after spending some time in the wooly world of Rotraud Reinhard's A Felt Farm, your faith in the goodness of all creatures will be restored and you'll want to create all sorts of idyllic or fantastic farming scenes.
Once you invite the fox into the henhouse, he won't leave until all the chickens are dead.
Our two boys loved watching the animals, especially when it came to roosting time for the chickens and they all made their way back into the henhouse. There is also a play area and even an outside shed set up just to sell ice-creams.