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days hence

(A certain number of) days after today. Grandma will be here three days hence, so you need to clean your room.
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weeks hence

(A certain number of) weeks after today. We won't know the full extent of the research until several weeks hence.
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...days, weeks, etc. ˈhence

(formal) a number of days, etc. from now: The true consequences will only be known several years hence.
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Hence, although there is no requirement under the proposed Interpretation to obtain tax opinions, the "should prevail" standard could become the operational test.
The problem now is that mainstream, western modern science ever since Darwin is thoroughly imbued with a naturalistic, reductionist, utilitarian and hence manipulative outlook toward the natural world.
Hence, according to Reporters without Borders, the official U.
5 percent of GDR Hence, the first two points of the Commission proposal appear to allow necessary adjustment to be delayed and hence create the risk of a sizeable accumulation of excessive deficits and debt.
Hence, Israel will argue that its obligations towards Jordan with respect to the Palestinian Lands under Resolution 242 will have been fulfilled by the Interim Agreement together with a peace treaty with Jordan.
Hence, it must be split into two packets, known as IP fragmentation.
And hence do you not see, Hylas, that those who love the body, are imitators of the folly of Pygmalion, who fell in love with a piece of marble?
Hence, rubber products with very high stiffness in compression can be made from low hardness rubber compounds, by incorporating high SF in their design.
Hence, she clearly signaled that lying by omission was no violation of the honesty pledge.
In the managed FFS model, depending on the withhold definition, the provider may obtain more total revenue, and hence profit, by doing more.
Hence, excluding so-called sin taxes and possibly environmental taxes, increases in taxes can be justified only to finance expenditures that are deemed essential.
If all or a portion of the services are performed in the United States (and hence are U.
Air flows perpendicular to the water, hence the name Cross Flow.
Hence the latter is negated and that leaves the second as established, that is: fire moves upward naturally and that is what we wanted to clarify.