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days hence

(A certain number of) days after today. Grandma will be here three days hence, so you need to clean your room.
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weeks hence

(A certain number of) weeks after today. We won't know the full extent of the research until several weeks hence.
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...days, weeks, etc. ˈhence

(formal) a number of days, etc. from now: The true consequences will only be known several years hence.
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While recognising that the campaign to combat HIV/Aids has yielded results, the devastation still remains and hence the imperative to continue with the crusade.
He indicated that practicing Investigative Journalism in a country where the Journalist's right to information hasn't been guaranteed is a herculean task, hence the need to appraise the few Journalists making efforts in that regard.
Hence, if we add all these numbers, the PTI and its allies would have 346 votes while the grand opposition alliance would have 320 votes.
Thus [v.sub.1][u.sub.1], [v.sub.3][u.sub.1] [member of] E([bar.G]) and hence G is isomorphic to [P.sub.4] (2) .
Since these three elements from form a complete graph, a contradiction, hence follows the result.
"Hence, the existence of dialects is normal and the most successful languages have passed through these differences in the past, since any current nation that is united, has been full of immigrants, urban people, tribes and nations and due to their separateness , it has been natural if they had different languages or dialects." Later in his speech, Dizayee started to address the Kurdish language and explained to attendants that Kurdish linguists, both ancient and modern, and foreign linguists, have made some different classifications for Kurdish dialects, but that most of them have agreed that there are three major Kurdish dialects, the northern Kurdish (Kurmanji), middle Kurdish, which is mistakenly called "Sorani" and the Gorani dialect.
Hence [T.sub.1], i.e., [T.sub.|M] is also [k.sup.*]-paranormal operator on M.
If [v.sup.1] [not member of] N([x.sub.1]) [union] N([x.sub.2]) then (V - X) [union] {[v.sub.1]} is a double dominating set of G and hence dd(G) [less than or equal to] 4.
Proof: Let F be a closed subset of S and let (x,y) [member of] [sup.-][f.sup.- 1](F)[sup.-] so that (x,y) [greater than or equal to] (a,b) for some (a,b) [member of] [f.sup.-1](F) and hence x [greater than or equal to] a, y [greater than or equal to] b for some f(a,b) [member of] F.
In (X,[T.sub.1]),every subset is closed and hence every subset is [alpha] g* closed.
The cause-effect sequence runs as follows: An aging population leads to a shrinking labor force, which reduces the marginal product of and hence the return on capital.
Hence, it is prudent to pay special attention to the characteristics of physical ascents and descents prior to explaining their spiritual counterparts so as to be exactly aware of the differences between the two types.
Hence the expansion of Santora's global role--as it is abroad where his talents are in most demand--particularly on the front lines of globalization in such places as India, Eastern Europe, Asia and South America.
Hence, for such reasons, some gays and lesbians attempt to maintain ties with the religions of their forebears.