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The first was the fact her dad was a Conservative - they were rarer than a hen's tooth in Liverpool in the 70s.
The silver medal went to Greene King's Hen's Tooth, and Staffordshire-based brewery Titanic won bronze with its Titanic Stout.
But full-evening ballets are almost as rare as a hen's tooth in a cockfight.
Men's T-shirts and boxer shorts are good stand-bys but nothing beats a good lounge outfit and in an age where leisure is about as precious as a hen's tooth, it's important to make the most of your relaxation time.
Pietro Germi's 1962 Divorce - Italian Style (b&w; in Italian with subtitles; 104 minutes; Hen's Tooth Video) stars Marcello Mastroianni and takes place in a Sicilian town, "Agramonte," south of Catania.
Being broadband, unless you've got one of the hen's tooth ADSL lines, you won't be able to appreciate it.
A combination of strength and character as rare as a hen's tooth," says the head brewer who launched Morland's first bottle-conditioned beer.