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That's thirteen, you know, and it's a lucky number for hens. So you may as well eat this egg."
The only ongoing costs associated with hen keeping are a nutritional chicken feed and bedding.
Hen parties can stay at the lavish Auchrannie resort nearby.
PS15, PERSONALISED HEN PARTY VEIL: These beautiful two-tier personalised hen party veils are perfect for any brideto-be to wear.
Francesca Mapp, marketing manager for The British Hen Welfare Trust, said: "These hardworking hens are looking for a new home, and a chance to spread their wings, dust bathe and scratch around for bugs and slugs.
Even so, not every hen among these breeds will bother to hatch eggs, because many factors influence broodiness, including genetics and environment.
A volunteer group which works to rehome hens after they have outlived their commercial egg production days is looking for new homes in the Crewe area.
The British Hen Welfare Trust has re-homed almost 700,000 battery hens but is looking for more people to help.
Battery hens are plucked from impending slaughter and paired with humans who struggle with psychological challenges.
The harrier, named Vulcan, was one of 11 chicks to fledge from nests in Northumberland last summer, which were guarded by the Northumberland Hen Harrier Protection Partnership.
To give the hens a second chance, register your details at and then call Hen Central on 01884 860084 to complete your booking.
Also hen's age is significant factor which affecting that the quality of eggs is not constant during production cycle (Silversides and Scot 2001; Zita et al., 2009; Chung and Lee, 2014).
The harrier, named Marc, was one of two tagged as part of the EUfunded Hen Harrier LIFE+ project in July from a nest in the Scottish Borders.
"We survive on donations but I have to subsidise it at times." | Learn more about the Nut House Hen Rescue at
The hen harrier, named Manu, was one of a nest of two chicks monitored and protected by the Northumberland Hen Harrier Protection Partnership and was satellite-tagged as part of the RSPB's EU-funded Hen Harrier LIFE+ project in July.