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How many of us have done exactly what Hem and Haw did--moved closer to the Cheese--built a life around the Cheese--become so entrenched in the routine and the comfort -- that we just stop noticing anything?
We can act like the two littlepeople--and hem and haw about the need to change--or we can act like the two mice and "sniff out" our environment, always being prepared for change.
"Don't hem and haw; a polished presentation and how you handle yourself in front of investors makes a big difference," he stresses.
Based on official word from the DOTr, they continue to hem and haw, and haw and hem, on what exactly the 16-month-old Duterte Harley administration wants to do to boost air travel in this country.
Hem and Haw, in contrast, are in the blissful state of believing that their 'cheese' will be there forever, and are thus completely unprepared for a situation when the cheese disappears.
Her hem and haws and squeaks can't help but be endearing, but she appears so unconvinced by the majority of her lines that the trickier bits (like the blithe acknowledgment of her late-in-life sexuality) come off as implausible.