helping hand

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helping hand

Assistance with a task, or a person who provides such assistance. I could really use a helping hand carrying all of these boxes downstairs. You've been such a helping hand with this dinner, I couldn't have done it without you!
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*a helping hand

Fig. help; physical help, especially with the hands. (*Typically: get ~; need ~; give someone ~; offer ~; offer someone ~.) When you feel like you need a helping hand making dinner, just let me know.
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helping hand

see under lend a hand.
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a ˌhelping ˈhand

help: The new charity tries to offer a helping hand to young people who have become addicted to drugs.A helping hand would be very welcome at the moment.
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The Helping Hands programme aims to bring together members of the church with their neighbours to undertake community work.
Customers who wish to contribute to the Helping Hand program may also call Aqua at 877.
Lending a helping hand to the VA patient care centers has made a huge difference throughout the country.
We hope that the experience will be as enriching for these kids as it will be for us " Helping Hands is Uninor's unique CSR programme designed to bring an effective and lasting change to the lives of underprivileged children through each employee's dedicated teaching hours.
Although Mrs Bala will be departing soon, Helping Hands will continue its social work.
Helping Hand bought the location in August 1998 from Northshore Park Ltd.
But the Sri Lanka-bound doctors are not alone among local residents who are lending a helping hand.
has been known for giving a helping hand to students by providing them with federally guaranteed loans.
THANKS to all the generous readers spurred into action by the Man of the People Christmas campaign for children's charity Helping Hand.
The Helping Hand "robot" is aimed at the disabled and elderly with poor sight and weak or arthritic hands.
City Councillor Bruce Ayers has donated a new van that will be used to pick up and deliver medical equipment donated under the Quincy Helping Hand Program.
By taking part in our great offer, you'll be helping Safeway raise pounds 100,000 for the Helping Hand Appeal.
Gul Mohammad, Chairman and Health Committee, Shams-ul-Bar, the representatives of NGO Helping Hand attended the meeting.
While previous houses went to a variety of children's functions, COD Community Relations Specialist Joan DiPiero helped us to become involved with Helping Hand Center," Wagner said.
Organisers of projects in Coventry and Warwickshire have until July 10 to get their nominations in for the Wall's Pastry Helping Hand campaign.
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