help with

help someone or something with someone or something

to give aid to someone or something in dealing with someone or something. Please help your father with your little sister. I helped the committee with the problem.
See also: help
References in classic literature ?
So he sent messages to the other animals, like the lions and the leopards and the antelopes, to come and help with the nursing.
6] Tips to Help with an Eligibility (El) Check, National Community Pharmacists Association, http://www.
NVC can also help with customer segmentation, identifying customers who seek certain products or services, enabling effective targeting to be conducted.
Seeking help with academic and career issues is a way for students to increase their chances of achieving career goals.
Specific services can include transportation, employment information and education, disability education and service information, family and individual social support, daily living skills training, peer counseling, community exploration, personal advice, planned entertainment, self-advocacy training, help with problem resolution, and housing and financial information.
Fellow participants in the program - each earning credits themselves - came to keep her company and help with chores.