help up

help (someone) up

(from something) to help someone rise up from something; to help someone get up from something. She offered to help him up from the chair. Elaine helped up her grandmother who was stuck in the chair.
See also: help, up
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Symbol Technologies, with its core competency in bar code based data system solutions, met our need for a miniature, yet high-performance, scanning system to help UPS work better and smarter," Mr.
TPP will help UPS customers across multiple sectors by bringing down tariffs, accelerating the release of goods through customs, and supporting the participation of small businesses in regional and global supply chains, said David Abney, CEO of UPS.
Scott Davis, UPS Chairman and CEO, commented, "This contract provides improved wage and benefit coverage for employees and offers needed stability and flexibility that will help UPS compete effectively and remain a preferred employer offering the industry's best jobs.
This expansion will help UPS customers magnify their global reach and balance delivery speed with cost, no matter where they ship.
Find out how Wi-Fi and Bluetooth help UPS speed package delivery for happier customers.
We want our suppliers to be partners and it came out in court that we have gone a long way to help UPS over some previous sticky patches.
UPS will use the Boeing EFB to display the SafeRoute information, which will help UPS reduce airplane emissions and noise pollution, improve fuel efficiency, expand airport capacity, and improve airport safety on the ground.
An audible and visible alert identifies any package that's about to be loaded incorrectly to help UPS avoid service disruptions.
Teresa possesses diverse operations and corporate experience and she has the leadership character, global perspective and industry insights needed to help UPS attain its growth objectives.
Our efforts to help UPS win this route case demonstrated that the Teamsters Union is not opposed to fair trade policies that provide opportunities for the American workforce to grow and for U.
I'm joining a world-class public affairs team that's dedicated to opening new markets and advancing policies that help UPS serve its customers around the world.
The new electronic commerce account managers and technical support team members will help UPS bring its industry-leading E-C muscle and expertise to bear for its customers.
The UPS Business Monitor began in Europe in 1992 as an important information resource to help UPS customers stay ahead of ever-changing business trends.
The acquisition will help UPS meet the needs of healthcare customers who want to reach the important U.
We are enthusiastic about the ability of Progistics CS Toolkit to help UPS customers achieve this goal.