help up

help (someone) up

(from something) to help someone rise up from something; to help someone get up from something. She offered to help him up from the chair. Elaine helped up her grandmother who was stuck in the chair.
See also: help, up
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With zero emissions and lower noise, the electric delivery trucks will help UPS make its fleet cleaner and quieter, a significant benefit in urban areas.
While she has deep knowledge of digital commerce, supply chain and cost management, we believe her extensive experience in helping companies with transformative change positions her to help UPS across the entire enterprise, said David Abney, UPS chairman and CEO.
They not only help UPS In our day to day operation, but CorTech is a willing and capable partner helping UPS in times of unexpected staffing transitions in multiple locations with tight deadlines.
An audible and visible alert identifies any package that's about to be loaded incorrectly to help UPS avoid service disruptions.
One reason: The Overnite initiative eventually will help UPS better compete with FedEx Freight, said Donald Broughton, a transportation analyst with A.
Find out how Wi-Fi and Bluetooth help UPS speed package delivery for happier customers.
We want our suppliers to be partners and it came out in court that we have gone a long way to help UPS over some previous sticky patches.
It's a test case for the Salem company, now owned by United Parcel Service; and a test for new technology that may help UPS be in even greater control of its trucks and packages.
The initiative will help UPS attain its goal of one in four new vehicles purchased by 2020 being an alternative fuel or advanced technology vehicle, the shipper added.
The additional capacity and hundreds of new jobs this expansion at the Centennial Ground Hub will create will help UPS play an even greater role in Kentuckys economic development future.
When fully implemented, ORION is expected to help UPS avoid 100 million miles driven every year, reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 100,000 metric tonnes annually, and avoid 10 million gallons of fuel per year.
TPP will help UPS customers across multiple sectors by bringing down tariffs, accelerating the release of goods through customs, and supporting the participation of small businesses in regional and global supply chains, said David Abney, CEO of UPS.