help to

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help (oneself) to

1. To serve or provide oneself with: Help yourself to the cookies.
2. Informal To take (something) without asking permission: The thief even helped himself to the spare change in the jar.
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context-sensitive Help to any applications' dialog box controls without programming.
context-sensitive Help to any Visual Basic forms' controls without programming.
Smaller organizations can now easily and cost effectively add dialog box Help to their applications just like larger organizations do.
With RoboHELP 4, programmers can now automatically create and add context-sensitive Help to their applications without programming.
They bring people together, send people to the far reaches of the earth, and help to form our global community and economy.
Prior to bringing the series online, HELP Software programs were used, and continue to be used, by counseling, medical and human resource professionals throughout the United States and Canada to provide direct help to their clients.
Groups can help to inform agencies of the changing needs of specific disability groups and can serve as critics of the policies and programs offered by rehabilitation agencies.
Later in life, the birds offered help to their foster parents and treated their biological parents as non-kin.
Recently, Xu and Corno (2003) linked family homework help to homework management strategies reported by 121 students in grades 6-8 in New York City.
Once they are trained, volunteers provide free help to victims of fire storms, train derailments, floods, land slides and other disasters.
By providing this type of help to its staff, an organization can accelerate new employee training, improve productivity and relieve pressure from the IT department.
Self-Help's partnership with the Ford Foundation and Fannie Mae has enabled Self Help to expand this to a nationwide program.
For people who want to mark an important occasion through giving, provide help to those affected by a natural disaster, or simply make a difference in their own community, Helping.
A customer of more than 10 years thought that he knew Forefront pretty well, but he commented that he learned several new things while poking around in the help to complete his contest entry form.
MyHelpDesk provides a full spectrum of support options, from software to automated help to assisted help, all within a single, easy-to-use customized personalized interface.