help to

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help (oneself) to

1. To serve or provide oneself with: Help yourself to the cookies.
2. Informal To take (something) without asking permission: The thief even helped himself to the spare change in the jar.
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The other help to which I have referred came in the shape of an allowance from the Peabody Fund.
This was such a help to me, that for a good while I left off the wicked trade that I had so newly taken up; and gladly I would have got my bread by the help of my needle if I could have got work, but that was very hard to do for one that had no manner of acquaintance in the world.
Beth is the best of little creeters, and a sight of help to me, bein so forehanded and dependable.
Xu and Corno (2003) linked family help to homework management strategies reported by 121 students in grades 6-8 in New York City.
An EEM system can deliver the information needed to accurately represent the true cost of doing business, and help to identify procedures or areas that exhibit energy inefficiencies or waste.
1%) agreed that their self-help group could help to change society's attitudes towards vulnerable populations, to become more understanding and accepting, and less discriminating.
When the planes crashed into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on September 11, working people around the country faced some immediate challenges: how to find out the toll that the tragedy would take on people at work in those buildings and their families, and how to quickly get help to the survivors and the victims' families.
Integrated solutions help optimize returns across multiple departments and help to trigger process and technology changes," says Pravesh Mehra, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young's B2B Supply Chain Service Leader in the Americas.
Once they are trained, volunteers provide free help to victims of fire storms, train derailments, floods, land slides and other disasters.
Any community group which provides help to people with disabilities can be considered a rehabilitation resource.
Later in life, the birds offered help to their foster parents and treated their biological parents as non-kin.
H&R Block is an active participant in the IRS VITA Program, which offers free tax help to qualified low-income individuals.
Recently, Xu and Corno (2003) linked family homework help to homework management strategies reported by 121 students in grades 6-8 in New York City.
The new reporting features also help to provide tracking and accountability measures to help identify trends and violators of these policies.
By providing this type of help to its staff, an organization can accelerate new employee training, improve productivity and relieve pressure from the IT department.