help in

help someone in (to something)

to help someone get into something. I will help my grandfather into the car. We all had to help him in.
See also: help

help someone in something

to help someone with some task; to help someone in the doing of something. Please help me in my efforts to win the contest. Will you help me in my reelection?
See also: help
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One could easily turn around and argue that the shootings could have been prevented if Malvo's mother, Uma James, had been free to seek the authorities' help in extricating her son from Muhammad's clutches.
Agencies like the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund in Los Angeles and the East Valley Multipurpose Senior Center in North Hollywood reported a last-minute rush of people calling for help in filing their status applications.
For $40, participants will be fingerprinted, have their photographs taken and receive help in filling out their naturalization applications.
The investment of QIB (UK) and Unilever will help INS bring its new product successfully to market.
Becerra said he wants to help INS eliminate the bottleneck by pushing Congress to allocate money for more workers to process applications.