help in

help (someone) in

1. To aid someone in entering some thing or place. Help Grandma in, will you? She sometimes struggles with those steep steps.
2. To aid someone in some pursuit or action (named after "in"). Can you help me in finishing this application? I'm not sure what to write here. I'm sure someone helped him in his attempt to burglarize our house.
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help someone in (to something)

to help someone get into something. I will help my grandfather into the car. We all had to help him in.
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help someone in something

to help someone with some task; to help someone in the doing of something. Please help me in my efforts to win the contest. Will you help me in my reelection?
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Shahbaz said work on various power projects in underway in the country and will help in overcoming power shortage.
Merseyside police have released the CCTV film of him in the hope he will come forward and help in their inquiries.
One could easily turn around and argue that the shootings could have been prevented if Malvo's mother, Uma James, had been free to seek the authorities' help in extricating her son from Muhammad's clutches.
It was here, after all, that Mohammad and her family had found a community of their own, living amongst other Somali Muslim immigrants who relied on each other for support, news and updates from Somalia, and help in adjusting to their newly adopted country.
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