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a golden hello

A sum of money paid to a new employee as a benefit for being recruited by a company. He had such an impressive résumé that he was offered a sizeable golden hello for joining the company. I didn't really want to leave my old job, but how could I turn down a substantial raise and a golden hello? I'm willing to authorize a golden hello, if you think that will seal the deal with this candidate.
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drop in to say hello

To visit one casually or unexpectedly. Ever since we gave your mother that key, she keeps dropping in to say hello.
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1. An interjection used to ask or determine if someone is listening or paying attention. Hello? Miranda? Did you hear anything I just said? What is the capital of Nebraska? Anyone? Hello?
2. An interjection used in response to a statement or suggestion perceived as outlandish or ignorant. Um, hello? I would never wear a hideous outfit like that.
3. An interjection used to express surprise or amazement. Hello! Look at the size of that cake! Whoa, hello! That skateboarder almost ran into me!

hello pot, meet kettle

informal Used to highlight a situation in which a person accuses someone of or criticizes someone for something of which they themselves are guilty. An allusion to the idiom "the pot calling the kettle black," which means the same. You, the miniskirt queen, are judging me for wearing revealing clothing to a party? Wow, hello pot, meet kettle!
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hello, sailor

humorous Used as a flirtatious greeting to or an appreciative aside about someone attractive, especially within the gay community. Derived from a stereotypical greeting from a prostitute to a sailor. A: "Brad, check out the hottie at the bar." B: "Well, hello, sailor!"
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Hello, stranger.

humorous Used as a greeting when one hasn't seen someone for a relatively or unusually long time. A: "Oh, hello, stranger! I wasn't sure if you were ever coming out of that shed." B: "Sorry, honey. I was trying to fix the lawnmower and lost track of time." A: "Hi Dad." B: "Well, hello, stranger. I wasn't sure when we'd see you again!"

say hello to (someone) for (one)

To pass along one's greetings and well-wishes to someone else on one's behalf. Be sure to say hello to Gerald for me when you get there! You're going for an interview with Stephen Leicester and Mary Robinson? I haven't seen them in ages. Please say hello to them for me, would you?
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Say hello to someone (for me).

Please convey my good wishes to someone. (The someone can be a person's name or a pronoun. See also Give my best to someone; Remember me to someone.) Andy: Good-bye, Tom. Say hello to your brother for me. Tom: Sure. Bye, Andy. Sally: Well, good-bye. Mary: Bye. Sally: And say hello to Jane. Mary: Sure. Bye-bye.
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exclam. Did you hear me?; Are you aware that I am talking to you? A: I don’t want any of that. B: Here, have some. A: Hello? No, I don’t want any.
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Did you hear me? Do you really mean that? This slangy term is not the conventional greeting, but pronounced with strong stress on the second syllable (hel-LO?), it acquired this new meaning in the late 1900s. For example, “You mean you’ve never heard of America Online? Hello?” It is on its way to clichédom.
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